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Where to Rent an Led Wall Display for Outdoor Events and Festivals?

Explore leading LED wall display rental providers for your events. Eachinled, Rent For Event, FunFlicks, UOE, Visible Display, Insane Impact, XYZ Displays, ABC Visuals offer vibrant, high-resolution screens for memorable experiences.

Are you looking for leading LED wall display rental providers? In the dynamic world of event planning, the visual impact of your festival or outdoor event can make all the difference in creating a memorable experience. LED wall displays have emerged as a game-changer in this arena, offering vibrant, high-resolution visuals that captivate audiences and enhance the overall atmosphere. 

Here we list several leading LED wall display rental providers, each bringing their unique flair and technological expertise to the table. From large-scale concerts to intimate outdoor festivals, these providers offer tailor-made solutions to suit a variety of event needs. 




Eachinled is a prominent supplier in the LED screen rental market, offering a range of products tailored for outdoor events and festivals. Known for their high-quality displays and innovative technology, Eachinled provides solutions that cater to different event sizes and types. Their expertise in the field allows them to deliver visually stunning experiences with their LED screens, making them a preferred choice for event organizers seeking impactful and reliable visual solutions.


eachinled display for rental

Rent For Event


Rent For Event offers a comprehensive range of LED screen rental services for both indoor and outdoor events. Their services include indoor, outdoor, and mobile LED video walls that are customizable to fit the specific needs of various events like concerts, festivals, product launches, and corporate events. They are known for their ability to integrate their services seamlessly into any event, ensuring engaging and attractive displays that captivate audiences. Rent For Event's expertise includes full audio-visual support and the capability to work with both small-scale and large-scale events, making them a versatile choice for diverse event requirements​​.



FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies


FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies specializes in mobile LED screen rentals that are suitable for a wide range of outdoor events. They offer screens with different pixel pitches and resolutions, ensuring high-quality displays for events such as golf tournaments, concerts, and sports watch parties. Their LED screens are designed to maintain brightness throughout the day, making them ideal for outdoor settings. FunFlicks® has a national network, enabling them to cater to events across various locations. Their commitment to providing high-quality, versatile screens makes them a popular choice for event organizers looking for reliable and dynamic visual solutions​​.


Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE)


Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment provides a large variety of LED screen rentals, including LED video walls, Jumbotrons, and mobile LED displays. They are known for their modern LED screens that offer brighter, crisper images with high resolution, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. UOE's LED technology is particularly noted for its outdoor rating, making the screens up to 4X brighter than indoor-rated screens. This company is adept at providing tailored solutions and event support, ensuring that each rental is optimized for the specific needs of the event. Their services are well-suited for concerts, festivals, movie nights, exhibits, product launches, and other commercial events​​.


Visible Display


Visible Display specializes in custom-sized LED screen rentals, offering varying resolutions to meet diverse event needs. They provide large LED video walls that are scalable in size and shape, making them popular for events requiring large displays for crowds and far-viewing distances. Their screens are durable and extra bright, ensuring visibility even under direct sunlight. Visible Display offers both modular displays, constructed onsite, and mobile displays, pre-fabricated onto a truck or trailer. Their comprehensive service includes set-up, operation, and technical support, making them a reliable choice for events like fairs, festivals, concerts, marathons, and corporate events​​.


Insane Impact


Insane Impact is recognized for their high-quality, multifaceted mobile screens and competitive pricing. They offer services for a wide range of events, including city ceremonies, festivals, and sports events. Their screens are known for high outdoor pixel densities, providing sharp, vivid displays. Insane Impact's LED panels are weatherproof, operating effectively in inclement weather conditions. The company focuses on providing an all-inclusive rental experience, with services that include event consultation, competitive pricing, and on-site technical support. Their nationwide network allows them to offer services across the United States, ensuring wide availability and local support​​.

insane impact

XYZ Displays


XYZ Displays provides a wide array of LED screen rental options, suitable for various outdoor and indoor events. Their focus on technological innovation ensures that their LED screens offer high-quality visuals and brightness, enhancing the overall event experience. XYZ Displays' commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their personalized service and support, making them a reliable option for event planners.


ABC Visuals


ABC Visuals specializes in LED screen rentals, offering high-resolution displays that are perfect for large-scale outdoor events. Their screens are designed to provide vibrant colors and clear images, ensuring that every attendee gets an immersive visual experience. ABC Visuals is known for their professional service and ability to meet the specific needs of different events, from concerts to corporate gatherings.


It's important to note that the specific services, product offerings, and capabilities may vary between providers. When choosing an LED screen rental company, consider factors such as the type of event, audience size, location, and specific technical requirements to ensure you select the provider that best meets your needs.

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