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Small Pixel Pitch 2.5mm Indoor LED Video Displays For Conference

Size: 8mx2m Location: Slovak


Eachinled have a large range of indoor LED solution, the small pixel pitch indoor video wall range from 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, and 3.91mm in indoors, more used in TV display, cinema, corporate meeting room, and other security and transportation areas.


On 27th November 2022, Eachinled’s Slovak customer installed his 48pcs modular LED video screens for the conference, he bought the new design indoor LED video display panel, P3.9 indoor led walls. with the indoor video walls applied for their meeting, They start to know this visualization technology, the customer said, "it’s a really good product, we would rather rely on more video walls for the boardroom in the future’’. 


Eachinled not only provide th solution for indoor LED screens but also for outdoor event video screens. Find your ideal rental LED display for an event. Eachined would provide cutting-edge LED display solutions to take your event to the next level.

Eachinled P3 HD curved Indoor LED Screen for a Casino project

Screen area: 20.736mx2.304m. Located: Cyprus


Advertising media has exchanged from the traditional radio newspapers and books to the current television network and indoor/outdoor professional LED displays. Eachinled continues to study innovation and has made its own place in the display industry. We continue to expand overseas markets and establish long-term friendly relations with many different countries’ clients around the world.


Our latest project is for Cyprus's old customer, this project is a 20.736mx2.304m P3 Curved LED display. The specification as follows: Nationstar SMD2121 black lamps, 5124IC, Meanwell power supply, and powerful LVP7000 video processor.


When they install them, they found that some problems have arisen, it is difficult for them to solve, we decided immediately to send our engineer to assist, in our joint efforts, everything is perfect to complete. This is not our first order for this company, they are satisfied with our service and product quality, We have continued to work together for several years. Hope we can cooperate on more projects in the near future and have further business development in Cyprus and the Mediterranean area.


Eachinled has been always on the road to the world to bring the best suitable solution, Where are you? our dear partner!

Indoor Events Stage Background Led Wall P3.9 SMD Indoor Led Display

Dimension: 8x18m Product Type: P3.9


On weekends we usually see many events in shopping malls, fashion shops product launches, skin care new product promotions, mobile car presentations and other product promotions. With the technology development of led display screens, most merchants would bring a led display for attracting more customers.


P3.91 Indoor LED video screen is the most popular product for the above events, the SMD indoor led displays with fashion and slim design cabinets, it’s very easy and fast to install. the HD indoor led screen is more cost-effective than P2 indoor led display, it can well meet customers’ request P3.9 indoor LED screen as a stage background wall.


Are you going to make a promotion for the new product or increase the sales, take the 3.9mm indoor led large screen display today, we would see how perfect a visual display it does!

There are 3 main installation methods in the hotels.

  • Mounted inside wall :LED screen Mounted inside wall means installed in the middle of the stage. On both sides of the stage is a KT board, spray painting or cloth curtain gauze adornment, which just let people see pictures only. This kind of LED screen is usually installed in hotels. Attendant lighting up the LED screen, customers can see the video quality before they book a hotel, and most of the hotel’s models are P3 P4, and even P5 .


  • Combined type installation:The main LED screen is installed in the center of the center, and two small screens are installed on both sides, forming a stage background with an integral design. The video visual is great, when screenplay the video. When the wedding started, the main screen is used to broadcast the wedding, and the two side screens can play gorgeous video. Lots of companies usually use this type of screen for Annual meeting.  


  • A huge Led screen for conference:The background of the whole stage is a huge LED screen, all the logos, images, and pictures are displayed through this large LED screen, and the guests can see 360 °no corner of the LED screen. Many companies used it for product conferences.