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What are LED Display Control Systems?

Explore Eachinled's LED display control systems: Synchronous for real-time updates and Asynchronous for pre-scheduled content. Find the perfect fit for indoor or outdoor settings.

Think of an LED display control system as the brain behind your LED screen. It's essential for showcasing videos, animations, texts, and more. This system is a mix of both hardware and software and is crucial for the functionality of your LED display. Without it, your screen stays blank.


There are two primary types of LED display control systems: Synchronous Control and Asynchronous Control.


What is Synchronous Control?


In a Synchronous Control system, what you see on your computer or DV monitor is exactly what appears on the LED screen. It's like a mirror effect – the LED display copies the content from the controlling device in real-time.


What is Asynchronous Control?


Asynchronous Control, on the other hand, involves pre-sending content to the LED screen's control card from various devices like computers, phones, or even USB drives. This system stores the content and plays it in a set sequence, repeating the cycle.


Key Differences Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Controls


The main distinction lies in storage memory. Asynchronous systems work independently with built-in memory, while Synchronous systems need a constant connection to a computer or laptop due to the lack of storage.


Asynchronous LED screens offer basic display modes like pop-up or slide-screen, whereas Synchronous screens, with the right software, provide unlimited display options.


For ease of use, Asynchronous screens win, as they run automatically after receiving content. However, Synchronous screens need continuous operation.


In terms of cost, Synchronous systems are pricier but can control more pixels.


How Do You Control an LED Screen?


We provide software and easy instructions for both systems. Here's a quick guide:


For Synchronous Control: Power on, connect the cables, duplicate your screen (using the "WIN" and "P" keys), and open the control software.


For Asynchronous Control: Power on, create content using the software, and upload it to the screen.

For more details, refer to our instructions.


Which System Suits You Best?


For indoor environments, Eachinled recommends Synchronous Control, while outdoor settings are ideal for our Asynchronous Control. Events generally benefit from Synchronous Control, regardless of location.


Eachinled's Synchronous Control is perfect for indoor and rental screens in conference rooms, airports, and more, where real-time updates are key.


Our Asynchronous Control fits outdoor LEDs in malls or parks, where content changes are less frequent.


Why Opt for Eachinled?


At Eachinled, we specialize in high-quality LED displays with superior image clarity and vibrant colors. Our competitive pricing and excellent customer service ensure that you receive innovative and reliable display solutions. Choose Eachinled for a dynamic and effective way to communicate with your audience.

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