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It is perfect for creating curved or cylindrical stage designs in concerts, music festivals, and live performances which can wrap around the stage. In art installations and interactive exhibits, where they can be shaped and contoured to fit various artistic concepts. They add an element of modernity and interactivity to art displays.
Soft LED screens offer endless creative possibilities and can be used in a wide range of projects that require flexible, immersive, and visually captivating displays. 


Soft LED Screen has the characteristics of thin, light weight, extremely small size, high pixel density, can display curved surfaces, and low installation cost. It can meet the display requirements of various screen shapes and provide a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. In addition, it is also possible to design a color arrangement that emphasizes characteristics (contrast, color spots, color mixing, etc.) according to the purpose.


Based on these characteristics of LEDs, we have developed a 360-degree multi-screen cylindrical LED display with excellent display effects to meet people's needs for high The pursuit of quality picture. The 360-degree multi-picture soft module LED display has the incomparable advantages of the traditional flat-panel LED display. It adopts the rotating scanning mechanism and the precise time-space combination control technology to effectively expand the viewing angle space, and the multi-picture synchronous display completely eliminates the viewing dead zone. , which can meet the display of complete image content in a 360-degree range, and is the new favorite of many media release and display places such as exhibition venues, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, airport stations and other public places.