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What Features to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor LED Display?

Discover the key features to consider when choosing an outdoor LED display. From brightness to weather resistance, make a wise investment for your business's communication assets.

Outdoor LED displays have become synonymous with various spaces, from malls to corporate parks and highways. In India, the outdoor LED market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 19% from 2021 to 2026. These displays offer substantial benefits, such as monetizing unused infrastructure, standing out in advertising clutter, and tailoring messages to business needs. However, investing in an outdoor display is significant, so ensuring the right choice is crucial. Here's a detailed guide on the essential features to look for when selecting an outdoor LED screen.

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1. Brightness and Pixel Pitch


The primary function of an LED display is brightness, critical for visibility. While a typical TV offers 1,000 nits, outdoor screens need substantially higher brightness due to exposure to sunlight. XTREME Media screens provide a wide range, from 6,500 to 10,000 nits, ensuring your message remains vivid even on the brightest days. Pixel pitch, determining footfall capture, is equally important. Our screens boast pixel ranges as high as 1.95 mm, offering 5x more pixels in the same space as conventional screens.


2. Power Consumption Efficiency


Running for at least 12 hours a day, an outdoor LED unit's power consumption directly impacts operating expenses. The Earth Series by XTREME Media consumes less than 50% more power than traditional units, thanks to a power-saving IC unit and an efficient PFC power supply module. This means the display unit runs on half the costs while delivering industry-standard performance.


3. Seamless Display Management


After initial installation, the focus shifts to display management. XTREME Media's screens come with remote display management capabilities, allowing your team to easily change, edit, and monitor outdoor visuals. This feature provides the flexibility to capitalize on marketing opportunities without the hassle of programming distant LED screens.


4. Robust Build-Quality for Weather Resistance


The usable life of an outdoor LED screen is crucial for efficiency. XTREME Media's 3in1 DIP displays are designed for robust performance in Indian weather conditions. Rigorous quality assurance testing ensures durability against weather conditions and potential damages. Additionally, each screen reports smog, pollution, and visibility data, allowing proactive adjustments for increased visibility.


5. Installation and Servicing


Installation and servicing costs can be the most significant overhead in the years to come. XTREME Media takes a unique approach with Vigilant IoT-enabled monitoring and a 24 x 7 support team. The in-house service team, the largest in the industry, provides chip-level repair capabilities. With a remarkable 7-year warranty, we ensure comprehensive support to minimize risks during your ownership.




Investing in an outdoor LED display is a substantial step for your business's communication assets. To secure a competitive advantage, ensure your LED screens offer a winning combination of brightness, pixel density, energy efficiency, remote management, weather resistance, and comprehensive support for installation and servicing.

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