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  1. P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen
  2. P10 outdoor fixed installation LED screen for commercial advertising
  3. P10 SMD outdoor waterproof LED billboard for advertising

P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

  • Product Type :P10
  • Material:Iron/Steel
  • Applications:Advertisement Multimedia
  • Features:Reliability
  • Size :960mmx960mm
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Application: Church,Opera House,Stage Background Video Wall,TV Station Show-business,Stars Concerts,Festivals,Celebration Activities,Exhibitions,LED DJ Booth


Lightweight: The Die Casting Aluminum technology contributes lightweight to unit cabinet, advanced design and well-made fast locks give it advantages to its quick assembly,disassembly and transportation.
Seamless Connection: High-precision craftsmanship and accurate CNC technology  make the seamless connection reach to ±0.05mm so as to display perfectly.
Ultra Thin: The thinness of cabinet is 72mm, prefectly for small space and occasion.
Trouble-free & Maintenance with ease: Excellent material and workmanship guarantee its quality and dependability, trouble-free for 3~5 years.
Humanized design makes cabinet, modules easy to maintain without tools.
Noiseless: None Cooling fan design and noiseless power supply are considered to be silent LED TV.
High Refresh Rate & None Moire Pattern: Superior Driver IC present high refresh rate, picturesque visual effect without Moire Pattern.
Low Brightness And High Grayscale: 14Bit-16Bit grayscale performing excellent images when brightness is reduced to 20%.
Low Power Consultation Automatically brightness adjustment system and PFC power supply greatly reduce energy 30%.


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