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EM series

EM series panels are our 640 x 480 mm LED video panels to meet the market's most basic 4:3 ratio. These panels can captivate a large audience, ensuring no details of your message or advertisement are missed.


With creative flexibility, the panels can be cut to 320 x 480 mm or 640 x 320 mm to meet individual size requirements.


Our LED screens offer flexible scalability, allowing for easy expansion and customization of display sizes. Whether you need a small screen for intimate settings or a large video wall for immersive experiences, our screens can be seamlessly combined and configured to meet your specific requirements. This feature makes them ideal for dynamic environments that require versatile and scalable visual solutions, such as event venues, conference centers, and control rooms.


Derived from the concept of a flat panel, the backside reduces the exposed redundancy of wires and realizes the flat panel installation before complete front maintenance; It is less destructive to the original wall and saves space.
The independent packaging of the module and the panel effectively reduces the bumping limitation of developing to a smaller spacing and satisfies the possibility of a smaller area and a denser display.