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We offer a range of creative possibilities, from realistic virtual environments to dynamic set designs. LED video wall can display live video feeds, pre-recorded clips, or video call-ins from remote locations. The versatility, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness make them valuable tools for elevating the quality of TV productions and creating immersive viewing experiences for the audience.


In recent years, LEDs have exploded in popularity as broadcast and virtual studio solutions, creating extraordinary cinematic effects that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of any space.



Using the latest LED technology, studios around the world have begun to adopt LED as an upgrade to traditional green screens, as evidenced by Eachiled's latest installation in a virtual studio.


To cope with the difficulties brought about by the epidemic, virtual studios have begun to use LED technology to hold online live events for various industries from education and corporate to music.


With Eachinled’s indoor displays, the broadcast vertical is clearly embracing the creative possibilities of LEDs, and this trend looks set to continue for many years to come across a variety of film and streaming applications.