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Worldwide Auctions to Offer Trifecta of Stainless Steel Fords in Auburn

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Without the shiny metal of the future, the decorative arts will never blossom. Stainless steel is nothing new, but historically it has been difficult to manufacture. This is why Allegheny Ludlum focuses on producing the best stainless steel in the world, and nearly a century later, they still insist on producing. In 1930, Henry Ford awarded them a contract for all stainless steel parts. This cooperation led to the iconic marketing between the two brands.

The first example is a luxury car from 1936. Six were made to show the properties of strong and anti-rust metal. There are 4 survivors today, and one of them is about to go to the global auction. Their next project was Thunderbird in 1960, which was completely made of T302 stainless steel from hard top to exhaust. In the end, they spent a few months building Lincoln in the 67s. All three cars are medical grade stainless steel, so in theory, they are the ultimate way to avoid the next virus outbreak. Why can't automakers do such advertisements anymore?

All three vehicles are clean enough to be eaten and will be sold in batches. Unaffected by decay, your collection will last longer than nuclear war. This is only part of the Labor Day auction, which will include exotic and collectible items from all eras. Click the button below to view the catalog. We will meet you in Auburn, Indiana on September 3-5.

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