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Will President Trump be impeached for a second time? p4

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Will members of the House of Representatives try to impeach President Trump again? Since President Trump’s term of office is less than 10 days, members of the House of Representatives are pushing for the president’s removal through impeachment and the 25th Amendment, because his actions during the invasion of the State Capitol resulted in five deaths. One of them is the Congress Police. What do you think? Joel K Goldstein, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Law of St. Hall University, will join Ben Hall to discuss the role of the vice president if this happens and the process of impeachment .

Texas lawsuit attempts to overturn 20 million votes in four battlefield states

President Biden is easing the expectations of his large donors for the ambassador, indicating that he will not issue plum positions for several months, and hinting that he will nominate fewer positions than his predecessors. The big picture: The president supported the Democratic Party's efforts to strive for diversity when choosing a cabinet. Now lawmakers are putting pressure on him to extend it to his embassy, ​​which means that white male donors (the core of his fundraising base) will compete for fewer positions in the competition. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-level politicians become smarter and faster when they read the news. What we are listening to is: Biden is most likely to reward loyal politicians and former aides, and the race for former senators such as Claire McCaskill is held in Europe. *In terms of policymakers, former Biden aide Julianne Smith can be nominated as NATO ambassador. *Among the donors, Denise Bauer, Obama's ambassador to Belgium, is the top fundraiser. In the most coveted position, she may return to Europe, perhaps Paris. *Doug Hickey, another of Biden's major donors, is also interested in foreign positions. *Former HBO executive, James Costos, who served as Obama’s ambassador to Spain, expressed interest in the UK, but there are many others, including Comcast executive David · Cohen (David Cohen). Real estate investor Louis Frillman and Latino Victory Project president Nathalie Rayes told colleagues that they are interested in Madrid or another European position. Beijing has a reputation, and the White House is pleased that its special envoy has the political power to spot any potential problems. *If Biden appoints Disney Executive Chairman Robert Iger as his interest, he will tell Biden officials of his interest, which will break this situation. Biden's plan to visit the State Department on Monday, weather permitting, is a symbolic display of his quest to revitalize diplomacy. And emphasized the United States' commitment to allies and partners. He is also expected to make remarks on his foreign policy measures. *Although the president will definitely appoint some donors to the top positions, others are worried that they will be overthrown and eagerly demand a solution. *Although more than 800 people and couples have raised more than $100,000 for Biden’s presidential campaign, the more savvy “bundle labor” groups have raised much more than this amount, and have also reported to the Biden Victory Foundation Provided donations of up to $620,000. People familiar with the matter said that of the approximately 190 ambassadors, 30% are non-professional nominations, and the remaining 70% are professional diplomatic affairs. *According to the American Foreign Service Association, the ratio of 70:30 will match the traditional breakdown. *President Trump created a bias by nominating about 44% of appointed political ambassadors. * The 2018 Foreign Policy report stated that Trump’s nominees are also very different. 90% of his vacancies are for whites. Deeper: The political field has been roughly divided into three categories: policy experts, politicians and donors. *Biden expects to attract more funds from the first two categories, thereby reducing the number of positions for donors who wish to limit successful business careers through foreign positions. *Biden has a huge network of Belway friends and allies, but has never been so successful or dependent on money and celebrity courses in New York and California. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.

Stat News reported on Sunday that as states developed plans to vaccinate residents against COVID-19 last fall, senior Trump administration officials urged Congress to deny that the state government provided any additional funding for the vaccine. Officials including Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and White House Director of Management and Budget Russ Vought ignored “the warnings of state officials that they have no money A large-scale vaccination campaign," Stat reported that states have not spent $200 million. A Republican Senate aide told Stat that Walter was “obsessed” with the state’s unspent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding, adding that even staunch fiscal conservatives in Congress knew that the state needed more than $200 million for vaccination. 3 Billion Americans. However, "Statistics" quoted Democratic congressional aides and Mango himself as saying: "The lobbying activities mainly came from Paul Mango, the former deputy chief of staff responsible for policy in the Ministry of Health and Human Services." Mango told Stat: "Among them Many people have closed the economy and did not receive taxes." "I'm sure they can use money-this is not controversial-the controversial issue is whether they need money, given that they don't actually use vaccines." National Association of Governors And the Association of State and Territory Health Officials (ASTHO) both warned the Trump administration last fall that more funds are needed to prepare the vaccine that will be approved, and former CDC director Robert Redfield has asked Congress for approval Invest 6 billion dollars in the efforts of the states. Mango told Stat that Redfield is "lobbing Congress for our support" to "help their friends in the State Department of Public Health." The state health department pointed out that they did not vaccinate anyone in October and stated that they are reducing the source of funding that was due to expire before the expiration of $200 million, especially because it is uncertain whether Congress will redistribute it. Congress did approve $4.5 billion in December, but the funds didn't start entering the states until January. Read more about the lobbying effort, what impact this might have on the slow rollout, and the split between Trump’s political appointees and public health officials on Stat News. More stories from 5 cruel and funny cartoons about the Trump issue of the Republican Party Trump’s impeachment defense has been released. According to reports, Bannon encouraged him to go to the Senate by himself, not to watch it now, but the vaccine may end the pandemic

Authorities in north-central Mexico reported on Sunday that gunmen armed with two motorcycles broke into a weekend party, robbed them, then returned a few minutes later and opened fire, killing six men and a woman. Jalisco state prosecutors said the attack occurred on Saturday night. The state of Jalisco has long been the seat of a cartel of the same name, but the attack took place near the border of Zacatecas, where several drug gangs were fighting for territory.

Governor Mark Gordon discussed what President Biden’s climate plan means for his state at the "U.S. News Headquarters."

After a case was found in a community in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, about 2 million people started the first day of the strict coronavirus lockdown on Monday, but no new cases have been found since. The authorities ordered a five-day lockdown of Perth because the hotel had quarantined people returning from overseas, and a security guard at the hotel was found to be infected with the virus. The state government said 66 people were believed to be close contacts of unidentified guards, and none of those who had been tested were infected.

Part of Highway 1 in the Big Sur area collapsed after heavy rain and slipped into the Pacific Ocean.

KYIV-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told "axios on HBO" that he does not see China as a major geopolitical threat, even if he vowed to limit China's control over critical tasks. A position may also cause him to conflict with the Biden administration and Congress. Why it matters: Zelensky's remarks represent a break between the US national security leaders of the two main parties that are trying to rally allies to counter the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. Be smart: Sign up for free to get China’s most influential newsletter. US: Drive News: When asked about the emerging consensus in Washington that China is the world’s largest geopolitical threat, Zelensky said: “I I don’t agree with this, because in Ukraine, we don’t feel that way.” He said: “There is indeed such a cold war between China and the United States.” * “We know that the US business is represented in Ukraine, but at the same time, the Chinese business There are indeed representatives." * "I believe that regardless of nationality, nationality, people, business, a certain country, you will be respected, respect your people and borders, and they will appear in your country." Between the two sentences: Only the United States must play such a big role to push Zelensky away from China. Beijing suppressed Washington in vaccine diplomacy, which is a painful reality discussed by Zilensky in the "Axios on HBO" interview. Zelensky tried to obtain a higher quality American vaccine for his country. He promoted the help of Europeans. But considering his difficulty in obtaining a dose, he said he is willing to cooperate with Beijing to obtain a large amount of safe COVID vaccine for the Ukrainian people. *It is worth noting that the United States has not provided Ukraine with its high-quality vaccines, and has actually taken steps to make it difficult for Zelensky to obtain them. Behind the scenes: How to deal with the China issue is a growing pain point in U.S.-Ukraine relations. Trump administration officials privately expressed concern that China-which became Ukraine's largest trading partner in 2019-injected ample cash into China, instead embedding itself in key Ukrainian sectors including defense and telecommunications. *US officials worry that China will steal intelligence secrets and exert evil influence on allies that increasingly rely on Beijing. Yes, but: Senior U.S. government officials have been trying to persuade Ukraine to prevent China from buying the aero-engine Sich manufacturer for years, which is the number one jewel of the Ukrainian defense department. * Zelensky made it clear for the first time in an interview that he will not allow China or any other country to buy a controlling stake in Sich. * "Never," he said. "Not under me. I don't live here... [but] during my [time in office], absolutely not. The most important thing is that Russia’s focus on Ukraine is much closer. But when Russia annexed Croatia in 2014 China never condemned Russia’s actions when he was in Crimea, so although Zilensky may not list China as a threat, he knew that China could not be relied on in the Russia-Ukraine crisis and supported safe, smart, and sensible journalism. , Please sign up for Axios newsletter here.

Former President Donald Trump and his closest President Donald Trump believed that he would win a second term before Election Day, "their views are based on the assurance of pro-Trump experts and the size and excitement of the crowd at the presidential rally. The degree is not scientifically measured and fluctuates." The New York Times reported. Trump once laid the foundation for Plan B. He said he lost only because of a huge fraudulent conspiracy, but he and his close friends didn't think he would need it. In the early morning of November 3, in the final campaign held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Trump's son Eric proposed an electoral college betting pool. A person attending the exchange said he bet that the president will win at least 320 electoral votes. "We are trying to reach 270," replied a consultant who is more based on polls and analysis. [New York Times] The Times did not report how much Eric Trump bet, nor did it reveal whether he would pay back. But when watching the election results on election night, Donald Trump "infuriated people's suspicion because his leadership dissipated mercilessly, even in a former red state like Arizona," The Times Report. "Eric Trump is actively pushing him forward-this dynamic will show up in the coming weeks." Read more about Trump's post-election conspiracy in the New York Times. 5 cruel and funny cartoons about the Republican Trump issue. Trump’s appointees actively lobby against the provision of funding for the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine to states. Trump’s impeachment defense has ended. According to reports, Bannon encouraged him to go to the Senate by himself.

France and Germany threatened legal action against AstraZeneca on Sunday. They scrambled to explain their shortage of vaccine supplies and warned that any company that supports the British jab orders will be punished. French Minister of Europe Clement Beaune threatened to impose sanctions on the Anglo-Swedish company that produces the Oxford vaccine in Sweden, if it proves that the UK has been given priority. Bohn said on Sunday: “If there is a problem and other countries are also favored, for example, the United Kingdom trumps us, then we will defend our interests.” “Contracts are not ethical commitments, but legal commitments. Every contract may trigger. Penalties or sanctions.” While Berlin and Rome issued similar threats to vaccine suppliers, Europe fell into the latest stage of a fierce dispute due to the delay in production and delivery of the Covid jab. German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told the Fortune newspaper: “If we find that individual companies are not maintaining a bargaining advantage, then we will have to make a decision on legal measures.” Chancellor Angela Merck Angela Merkel’s close confidant, Mr. Altmaier, also warned vaccine manufacturers, “It is absolutely unacceptable that another country is better than the European Union in retrospect.” AstraZeneca stated that it will report to France before the end of March. 4.6 million doses were delivered, which is half of the initial agreement. It also significantly lowered its delivery target in the EU in the first quarter of this year, leading to a strong reaction from Brussels, which accused the company of providing preferential treatment to the UK. The sanctions that France is considering include withholding payments, canceling subsequent orders and seeking compensation for breach of contract. Mr. Bowen said that investigations into the shipment of vaccines from EU factories to the UK are already underway. With the third coronavirus spreading across the African continent, French President Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron) rejected the call for a third lockdown and instead tightened existing restrictions. He is said to have said: “When you are a French, as long as you dare to try, you have everything you need to succeed.” Although he refused to declare a total blockade, this runs counter to the advice of his own scientific advisor. Polish police fired tear gas and hand grenades on weekends after closing illegal discos and parties in cities such as Wroclaw and Rybnik. As in other European cities, some companies opened up trade in violation of regulations, and protests against Covid restrictions broke out in the Netherlands, Spain, France and Denmark. The Dutch police made an effort to arrest at least 30 people in Amsterdam on Sunday because of their efforts to prevent a new wave of anti-blockade riots. Over the weekend, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Vienna to participate in anti-blockade demonstrations organized by a far-right group. A similar situation has occurred in Hungary. Despite the threat of high government fines, a group of 100 restaurants said they will reopen. After Boris Johnson forced the European Union to make two U-turns on vaccines over the weekend, Brussels tried to prevent vaccines produced in a Belgian factory from reaching the UK and imposed a tough border in Northern Ireland for the same purpose. According to the Sunday Mail, Johnson is said to have persuaded the head of the European Union to abandon these two proposals during two telephone calls with the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin told the BBC on Sunday that they were “blindly” threatened by the EU to block the border. He said: "The problem is that the committee used the wrong mechanism to revoke Article 16 of the agreement." He added that there are "many lessons" in terms of vaccine supply. On Sunday night, Ms. Von der Lein announced on Twitter that the European Union will increase vaccine supply this week. She wrote: "Compared with last week’s offer, [AstraZeneca] will deliver an additional 9 million doses (40 million doses in total) in the first quarter, and will be delivered one week earlier than originally planned. The company will also expand its European production capacity," she wrote.

Three people familiar with the matter said on Monday that Japan is expected to extend its state of emergency on Tuesday to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Tokyo and other areas. According to sources, the government will decide to extend the deadline after an expert group meeting held on Tuesday. It is expected that the emergency period in counties, including the Tokyo area, will be extended by another month. A source told Reuters that Prime Minister Toshihide Suga is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday.

Efforts to reopen California schools are frustrating. This has stirred up frustration in the most populous state in the United States. Parents are eager to send their children back to the classroom, and the governor wants them there. An angry governor Gavin Newsom told school officials last week that if they cannot resume face-to-face classes as soon as possible, they must “pack up”. The union organization stated that they would not bring their members into an unsafe environment.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) praised the bipartisan praise in the Biden administration on Sunday, telling Martha Raddatz of ABC News that vaccine distribution in his state has been “seamless” recently. Yes, he expressed his gratitude to President Biden and his team, and is “working hard to ensure that Arkansas’ partnership with the U.S. government remains the same. When asked if he thinks Biden has done enough, Hutchinson said, “We Last week, the supply of vaccines increased by 14%, and he was very happy.” Moreover, given the shortage of global vaccine supplies, he was very happy that “we have established a good partnership with the federal government.” Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (Asa Hutchinson) Hutchinson said in the Biden administration’s efforts: “In terms of vaccine distribution, it is seamless. "President Biden and his team are working hard to ensure this partnership, rather than breaking it up, for which I am very grateful. "Https:// week (@ThisWeekABC) January 31, 2021, more stories from 5 cruel and interesting republican Trump issues The cartoon illustration of the vaccine launch funding Trump’s impeachment defense defense has ended. According to reports, Bannon encouraged him to go to the Senate by himself.

Follow the latest developments in our live blog. On Monday morning, Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested in a raid, which was a military coup. The Army said it was detained in response to "election fraud," and according to a statement from a military-owned television station, it transferred power to military chief Min Aung Lane and imposed a state of emergency for one year. Before the announcement on the military-owned Myawaddy TV station, people had been worried about the threat of a military coup for several days, and the country’s new parliamentary meeting was about to begin. Myo Nyunt, a spokesperson for the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) political party, told Reuters by phone that Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and other leaders were "taken away" in the early hours of the morning. He added that he also wants to be detained. He said: “I want to tell our people not to respond lightly. I hope they act in accordance with the law.” He told AFP that he was very worried about the two: In the situation that arrives, we must assume that the military is launching a coup," he said.

Most people call the sharp rise in GameStop's share price a short squeeze. An expert said that this is not what is happening, which may mean that if and when there is a short-hit situation, the price of GameStop may surge above current levels. Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director of predictive analytics at S3 Partners, told Axios to support safe, intelligent, and sensible journalism. Sign up for Axios newsletter here. S3 data shows that in the past year, the number of short-selling stocks has increased by 12%, while the total number of risky dollars has increased by 1900%. *This shows that hedge funds and institutional investors are betting large amounts of money, which means that the short squeeze has not even begun. How it works: In a typical short squeeze, short sellers sell stocks and "rent out" stocks through short sales. Plan to buy them after the stock price drops. However, if the price rises too much, they will be "squeezed out" and they will be forced to buy shares at a higher price and exit the transaction. *This helps stock prices rise because short sellers join the momentum that drives prices up. *However, when using GameStop, whenever a short seller exits the market and buys a stock, a new short seller will enter the ranks of replacing the short position, thereby maintaining the same downward price pressure. In fact, short selling interest is increasing. This means: "This tells me that long buyers are changing the market. This is not short covering," Dusanivsky said. * "If this is the case, I will see a sharp decline in stock short interest. For this price trend, I will have to see short interest eliminated." * "One way I see short interest has not disappeared is because Stock lending rates are rising.* "This means that short positions are not calculated on a net basis. "Wise approach: Free sign up for the most influential newsletter in the United States.

A woman with a family in South Korea said that she "jealed that they were in a place where people care about others and take preventive measures."

Since Beijing imposed strict national security laws on Chinese territory last summer, thousands of Hong Kong people have made the sometimes painful decision to leave their hometowns and move to the UK. Others say that China’s violations of lifestyle and civil liberties are already unbearable, and they hope to seek a better future for children abroad. Given that 5 million Hong Kong people are eligible to apply for visas to the UK, enabling them to live, work and study in the UK, and eventually apply to become British citizens, this move is expected to accelerate.

The new research aims to provide telephone companies with tools to help curb robocalls. Peter Dazeley/The picture library research profile via Getty Images is a short excerpt of interesting academic works. It is a good idea that over 80% of robocalls come from fake numbers-answering or not answering these calls has no effect on the number of calls you will get. These are the two main findings of our 11-month unsolicited phone study from February 2019 to January 2020. To better understand how these unwelcome callers work, we monitored every call received from more than 66,000 phone lines at the Robocall Observatory at North Carolina State University in the Telephone Security Laboratory. During the research process, we received 1.48 million unsolicited calls. We answered some of these calls, while others made us ring. Contrary to popular belief, we found that answering calls has no effect on the number of automatic calls received by the phone number. Throughout the research process, the weekly automatic call volume remained unchanged. As part of the research, we also developed the first method to identify the robot call activity that led to a large number of such annoying, illegal and fraudulent robot calls. The main types of robot call activities are related to student loans, health insurance, Google business listings, general financial fraud and long-running social security scams. Through the use of these technologies, we have learned that, on average, more than 80% of calls in each robot call activity use fake or short-lived phone numbers to make calls they don't need. Criminals use these phone numbers to deceive their victims, making it more difficult to identify and prosecute illegal robot callers. We have also seen that some fraudulent automated telephone wiretapping activities caused government agencies to impersonate for many months without being discovered. They used messages in English and Mandarin and threatened victims with serious consequences. This information targets the disadvantaged, including immigrants and the elderly. Why important providers can use a time-consuming manual process (called backtracking) to determine the true source of the call. Today, too many robocalls cannot be used as a practical solution that goes back to every call. Our automated telephone campaign recognition technology is not only a powerful research tool. Service providers can also use it to identify large-scale robocalling operations. Using our method, the provider only needs to investigate a small number of calls for each robocalling event. By targeting sources of abuse of robocall, service providers can block or shut down these operations and protect their subscribers from fraud and illegal telemarketing. Vendors are deploying a new technology called STIR/SHAKEN, which may prevent robocallers from spoofing their phone numbers. Once deployed, it will simplify the backtracking of calls, but not for providers using older technologies. Call bots can also quickly adapt to new situations, so they can find a solution to STIR/SHAKEN. No one knows how automated callers interact with victims and how often they change their strategies. For example, more and more automated phones and crooks are using COVID-19 as a prerequisite to deceive people. What's the next step In the next few years, we will continue to study robocall. We will investigate whether STIR/SHAKEN reduces robot calls. We are also developing technology to better identify, understand, and assist providers and law enforcement targets in automated phone operations. This article is taken from The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to sharing the ideas of academic experts. Read more: Unstoppable phone calls – Three questions about why your phone doesn’t quit the ringtone, the rise and fall of landlines: 143 years of phones have become easier to use – why are there so many suction cups? A neuropsychologist explained that Sathvik Prasad is a member of the USENIX Association. BradleyReaves received funding from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. This research was supported by in-kind donations from Bandwidth and NomoRobo. Reaves is a member of the Communications Fraud Control Association, ACM, IEEE and USENIX Association.

Senior medical staff warned that severe Covid patients died unnecessarily in the second wave because they refused to use ventilators. The Department of Intensive Care Medicine stated that its members are facing patients or their family members who mistakenly believe that the machine will kill them. At the beginning of the pandemic, when the mortality rate in the intensive care unit was high, the device was widely used. The use of ventilators subsequently dropped significantly during the first wave, which correlated with improved survival. However, the dean of the college, Dr. Alison Pittard, said that recent studies have proved that there is no connection between the two, and that patients are and are dying from Covid itself, not from machines. She told the "Daily Telegraph" that in the second wave, colleagues across the country saw patients die because of fear of intubation. Although no data have been published, Dr. Pittard said that this trend seems to be more pronounced among patients from ethnic minority backgrounds and poor areas. She said: “When doctors working in the ICU see patients getting worse and know that if they don’t put them on a ventilator, they will die, but they refuse, it’s really difficult,” she said. "They get sicker and worse, and then you become semi-comatose, so you cannot have an informed conversation. We must respect the wishes of the patients."

Senator Bernie Sanders said of the partisan Covid rescue plan: "Yes, I believe we do have the right to vote."

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