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Trump leaves office with little to show of his major promises, and a legacy of violent divisiveness

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Washington-President Donald

Did not build walls or end Americans

Or end his term with a booming economy. his

It was "make America great again", but the enduring image of his tenure-the mob who attacked the U.S. Capitol and the Republican Party in his name-is by no means great.

The failed coup-if organized well enough to call it-ended the presidency, who often used Newspeak and Doublethink's Orwellian tools to communicate.

The Republican leader of the Kentucky Senate, Mitch McConnell, said on Tuesday: "This is a mob's lie." "They are provoked by the president and other powerful people."

Trump’s lie was told until the accumulation and maintenance of power was over. It was so obvious and dangerous that he was guided out of the social media sites that built his own foundation.

Princeton University history and public affairs professor Julian Zelizer (Julian Zelizer) said Trump has shaken the foundations of the country in four years.

Zelezer said in an email: "He is proud of leading a radical Republican Party and disclosed the extreme extent of the party's pursuit of partisan power." "In doing so, unlike any other president in recent history, he emphasized and It tightened our democratic system, broke key governance norms, and made the extremist voices in our regime legitimized."

Trump aides have distributed what they say is a list of achievements in recent days, and the incoming president will definitely announce that his presidency is the largest in the next few years. Most Americans say they disagree.

A kind

The survey released on Tuesday found that only 16% of adults and 33% of Republicans believe Trump will be considered one of the best presidents of all time. 47% of adults said he would be regarded as one of the worst presidency of all time, including 13% of Republicans.

For most Americans, even in an era of deep and angry partisanship, despite Trump's use of bullying forums to distract his struggles, the impact of Trump's actions on humanity is still obvious. Under his observation, more than 400,000 people died from the coronavirus in the United States-after he said the disease would only kill thousands and then disappear-medical experts say that the White House's faster and more effective leadership could have been Do more. Stop the spread of the pandemic.

Like most presidents, Trump promised to unify the country. But he proved unable to work in the aisles of Congress. In addition to emergency spending to deal with the disastrous economic and public health effects of the disease and trade agreements with Mexico and Canada, his policy achievements are limited to actions he can take without the cooperation of Congress. This is especially true after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections and set obstacles to his most extreme proposals.

It may be difficult to remember, but he shut down the government for a record 35 days in late 2018 and early 2019. Trump said he was "proud" for "undertaking most of the work of shutting down the federal government." When he tried to force Congress to give him money to build his proposed wall on the Mexican border, he did not succeed.

This was the most obvious evidence of his incompetence and unwillingness to cooperate with Congress before his supporters besieged the Capitol.

Nonetheless, as Zelizer pointed out, Trump was able to impose strict immigration restrictions. Republicans served as members of both houses of Congress at the beginning of their tenure, passed tax cuts, and relaxed regulations on industry. , And filled the federal judiciary with conservatives.

Zelizer said: "He pushed forward the core goal of conservative."

From a historical perspective, Trump’s legacy will be marked by the record he set at the end of his term: he is the only president ever impeached twice by the House of Representatives, and he lost in the second impeachment. The president with the largest number of members of the party. vote. Republicans in the ten Houses voted to ban him from holding federal office in the future.

His first impeachment case was acquitted by the Senate in February. It revolved around his withholding $400 million in aid allocated to Ukraine by Congress. At that time, he tried to get Ukraine to declare a crime against Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter. survey. In other words, he was impeached for using his office power to try to help his re-election campaign, and for the second time he was sent a mob to the Capitol to prevent him from being impeached in the ballot box.

He will give up power with the president’s uncommon humiliation, renounce his promises that he most frequently repeats and swear loudly, and continue to deny the nature of the epidemic and its legal defeat on the ballot. frame.

The Speaker of the California House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said: "In every way, he is not worthy of being president."

In the interview aired on Tuesday

Pelosi said of Trump: "This is not a'lesson learned', because his shame was very obvious from the beginning."

Jonathan Allen (Jonathan Allen) is a senior political analyst at NBC News in Washington.

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