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Trump ends tumultuous term under cloud, faces uncertain future | Reuters

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WASHINGTON, January 20 (Reuters)-U.S. President Donald Trump resigned on Wednesday. He was caught in a cloud and ended his four-year term. He was impeached twice. Deep political differences and confrontations led to 400,000 impeachments. The pandemic deals with American deaths.

Before President-elect Biden completed Trump, 74, will bid farewell to the White House hours. This will make him the first president to step down since Andrew Johnson in 1869. The skipping of the inauguration marked the official transfer of power, which ultimately showed indignation at his failure to win re-election.

Trump and his wife Melania will leave the South Lawn in a Marine One helicopter and head to Joint Base Andrews on the outskirts of Maryland, where he will preside over the military dispatch and finally Once boarded Air Force One and flew to Florida.

Before President Trump’s term expires at noon, his time has been set for his arrival at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, which can take him under the wall of the resort.

On January 6, after his supporters swept the U.S. Capitol, Trump was banned from using Twitter. Trump used an old-fashioned method (sending a press release via email) to distribute a farewell video on Tuesday. He bid farewell to his usual divisive remarks and sent an optimistic message.

He said: "Now, more than ever, we must unify our common values, transcend partisan hatred, and forge our common destiny." But he did not mention Biden, and he did not officially acknowledge it to him.

Trump has a long way to go, especially in the last few months. There is still a long way to go to rebuild a dilapidated image. Trump now has a unique position in history-as the only president who has been impeached twice in history.

Even after Trump resigns, the Senate will still try the Democratic-led House of Representatives for impeachment charges of sedition. The result may determine whether he will be disqualified from running for president again.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said: “He will serve as the asterisk president for a long term, causing more losses than benefits.”

According to sources familiar with the situation, Trump persisted until the last day of his term, and the November 3 general election was stolen.

The court rejected his campaign’s unfounded claims about widespread voter fraud. His Vice President Mike Pence led the US Congress to prove that Donald defeated Trump’s protesters. It was cleared from the Capitol after a deadly attack, thus proving Biden's victory over Trump's opposition.

Washington, where Trump left, was guarded by 25,000 National Guards, and the National Mall, which was traditionally crowded by spectators on the day of the inauguration, was closed to the public due to violent threats to attack the Capitol.

Although focused on fighting for the election results, Trump has not had any impact on the surge in deaths caused by the coronavirus, which crossed the severe 400,000 mark in the United States on Tuesday, the most in any country. The closures and restrictions related to the pandemic have also caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs.

Trump is a former real estate tycoon with 17 golf resorts around the world, and he faces the arduous task of rebuilding his dirty brand.

The New York Times reported that many of his resorts have lost millions of dollars, and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt must be repaid within a few years.

Trump must also decide how to continue to participate in politics as he said. He has talked about using a super political action committee (PAC) to support candidates who are trying to overthrow Republicans who he believes have passed him politically.

But whether he can maintain control of the Republican Party remains to be seen.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said: "I expect that in the near future, American political candidates will be more motivated to show that they are different from Trump, rather than post-1974 candidates showing that they are (Richard) Nixon is different." Nixon resigned in 1974 due to the Watergate scandal.

Reporting by Steve Holland and Jeff Mason; editing by Mary Milliken and Peter Cooney

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