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Soldiers retrieve body of abandoned NPA rebel in Butuan – Manila Bulletin

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January 13, 2021, 7:47 am

Fu Tuan City – Soldiers of the 23rd Infantry Battalion (23

 According to reports, late Tuesday afternoon, the military recovered the body of a New People’s Army rebel in the hinterland of Tonggao, Butuan City, who is believed to have been abandoned by his comrades.

Fourth Infantry Division (4

 ID) Chief Major General Rodolfo S. Cordero, Jr. of the Public Affairs Office (PAO). The Manila Bulletin was told on Tuesday that the remains of the New People’s Army rebels were officially handed over to the Storm Council in Tungao, also in Butuan City, on Sunday night, January 10.

The discovery of the corpse was achieved through a report by the relevant citizens. The report stated that they found the corpse in the 4 states of Butuan City, Lagua, Barangatungu, and Prok 26 kilometers and 6 kilometers away.

 The person in charge of ID PAO said. 

Command Operations Center 23

 The IB immediately responded to the reports of the citizens concerned and the staff of Butuan City Mobile Forces Company (BCMFC) at Tonggao Station 5 in Butuan City.

The body was identified as a member and remnant of the Guerrilla Front (GF) 4A of the CPP-NPA Northern Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC), led by the former squad leader "Ka Kitkit" of SDG CAOACAO. 

"The dead NPA is one of the remnants of the NPA that conflicted with 23 people.

 IB soldiers are in the area on December 30, 2020. The body was determined to be some "Ka Bebot" (no real name)," 23

 Lieutenant Colonel Roel T. Maglalang, IB Civil Military Operations (CMO) officer also said.

When retrieving the body, 23

 IB soldiers also recovered 3,516 simple pistols, including five bullets, two mobile phones, a charger and a bag, of which 23 were

 IB chief marketing officer said.

According to information provided by relevant citizens, NPA members were seriously injured in their encounter on December 30 and were abandoned by comrades. Maglalang added that without the support of the masses, he was left unattended and eventually died of injuries.

At the same time 23

 Lieutenant Colonel Julius Cesar C. Paulo, the IB commander, said that the fate of the NPA members whose bodies were newly discovered showed that they completely ignored the value of NPA's life.

"NPA terrorists don't care and cherish life. That's why we encourage everyone to be vigilant against CPP-NPA deception," 23

 Said the IB commander.

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