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Secluded, romantic getaways can be found in nearby Wisconsin - Chicago Tribune

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During this pandemic, especially when Valentine's Day approaches, a private getaway with romantic kisses is a way to relieve the fever in the cabin.

This desire makes me and I walk up, down or around a sand dune, drifting away with the vision of civilization. The red pine forest eventually replaced the crater-like landscape.

We met as many energetic pets as people-two-walking along the 2.2 mile circular path at the same time, which felt longer due to the lovely lookout and our laid-back lifestyle.

At dusk, we returned to the base, opened a bottle of red vase, and admired the sweeping view of the pond and the homelike house: the matchbox beside the candle; the food was served.

The primitive night is not polluted by noise, light or chaotic environment.

Escape quickly and remotely from our own familiar walls without air tickets or air conditioning. Sand is removed from the sole of the boot, not the toe. If the snow cover is a bit thick, we should have worn snow boots for hiking.

Destination: Adams County in central Wisconsin, near Rome, with a population of 2,700. The country’s sandy terrain was not obvious until recently and is most relevant to potato cultivation. With the opening of the Sand Valley Golf Resort in 2017, this situation has changed. The 10,000 acres of Sand Valley Golf Resort ranks among the top 100 in the Golf Digest. Chicago owner Mike Keiser is also in charge of Bandon Dunes off the coast of Oregon.

For the first time there is a winter program in Shagu, where you can stay overnight. Accommodation ranges from 12 rooms and a suite in a contemporary clubhouse to a four-bedroom cottage with a modern kitchen, casual dining area, fireplace and stove. All options include golf course views.

Only resort guests can roam the area of ​​the resort. The Ridge Trail we hiked is one of 9 trails marked as fat tire riding, cross-country skiing or hiking/snowshoeing. The trail goes around the golf course instead of passing through the golf course. Rent a sledge, bring skates, or fish in a heated shelter (enough to accommodate 8 people) in a frozen pond at a scheduled time.

You can decide the level of interaction with others (if any). Watch the big-screen TV in the spacious clubhouse bar, or check board games for accommodation. Order breakfast in bed, or join a group for sunrise yoga.

Clubhouse restaurant Aldo's is one of several acknowledgments from environmentalists

, Author of "Shaxian Yearbook", a collection of eternal essays on ecology was published in 1949.

In the resort’s compact winter dinner menu, there are three choices for each dish, which can be enjoyed in the dining room or provided. The employees come from Sand Valley Culinary Academy, they study on the job and have obtained certification in the restaurant industry.

We started with smoked carrot hummus and ended with apple pie and cinnamon ice cream. In the center are buttermilk fried chicken and cornbread waffles, served with jalapeno syrup and allspice jam. The price is a la carte.

Upcoming events include a cocktail class during the Valentine’s Weekend retreat from February 12 to 14, and a guest chef weekend from February 26 to 28, hosted by Michael Ponzio of the Chicago United League Club. ) Cooking; and home brewing courses during the Brews and Brats Winter Music Festival from March 5th to 7th.

Prices start at $225 overnight. In winter, most accommodation is open from Thursday to Sunday. Some are pet friendly.

The appearance and atmosphere of other remote and romantic Wisconsin resorts depends on the destination. There are four more points to consider:

On two islands connected by steel walkways in Barron County, there is a wooden playground with a long history that was first opened in winter. You can get there by driving along the farming road on the frozen Sequoia Lake for about half a mile. Or park your vehicle and borrow a UTV (utility vehicle) to drive to and from the 12-acre main island.

Be prepared to disconnect: at least seven nights in an island cabin with a kitchen but no TV. The historic handmade huts and restaurants are closed (except for internet access), so please pack food, snacks and cocktails. The staff will only transport guests to check in or check out upon request.

Hike around the main island, or walk across the bridge to explore the narrow 5.7-acre East Island. Bring your own equipment for ice fishing or sledding. Bonfire with wood. Prices start at $2,000 per week, and three-bedroom Clara's Cabin can be rented. Use this website to get details about accommodation; call to make an appointment.

Don’t be surprised if the car radio becomes static on the way to the 300-acre long-standing church camp in Rusk County and the battery service is not perfect. Former Chicagoans Dan and Lisa Dobrowolski hired Frank Lloyd Wright prostitute to design this stylish adult-only cottage, each of which can accommodate two people. Then the development of exquisite but small-scale prairie-style houses with solar energy attracted the attention of HGTV.

Explore 22 miles of nearby cross-country ski trails (

), or borrow snowshoes to wash near Canoe Bay, and then arrange an indoor massage. The private dining room is closed, so à la carte meals are available. Enjoy the rib eye with coconut cashew curry paste, or the flavor of the day. The kale may have cinnamon emulsion, spiced pecans, cheddar cheese and pickled blueberries on one side. Prices start at $348 overnight.

The Men County Village covers 70 acres and is a converted dairy farm with trails/snowshoe trails and a pond that attracts deer, turkeys and other wildlife. Book a suite in a farmhouse or refurbished 1915 barn. Another option that the resort is open to adults only is to squeeze a cabin or cottage into a private wooded acre.

Although no two accommodations look similar, rooster-themed artwork appears in the rustic decor. A hot breakfast is provided overnight. Specialties include stuffed French toast and an egg sausage casserole. Hosts Darrin Day and Bryon Groeschl also lean towards the sheep on their farm. Prices start at $180 overnight.

Along a winding road, away from the wet and wild water park, to an 80-acre sanctuary for adults only, the attraction is tranquility rather than excitement. The destination spa provides standard and specialty treatments for individuals and couples (for example: CBD-infused bath and massage), two outdoor heated swimming pools and hiking trails.

Even in the restaurant inside the hotel, you can dine in the robe. Book a 1,700-square-foot suite (some with fireplace) or villa. Prices start at US$209 and include fitness classes (yoga, meditation, mixed therapy, cooking) and spa relaxation areas.


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