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Ravemen PR1600 front light review - Cycling Weekly

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Rafman said that PR1600 is the most powerful of the four PR lights and can be used for off-road, road bike and bicycle travel. The Chinese company also said: "This is the best bicycle light you can find on the market." They are biased, so they will say that, but PR1600 does have impressive usefulness, well-executed functions, powerful power, and perfectly judged beam patterns. These beams are evenly distributed, but at the same time, they are enough to make things uneven. Riding on the roadway in the middle of the night and driving at high speed (if that’s your business).

With its competitive price, it also beats the established light brands.

The Ravemen PR1600 is a small, short unit with a sturdy anodized aluminum housing and plastic ends. There are two CREE LEDs with a claimed lifetime of 50,000 hours. At a size of 100 x 48 x 27mm, it is almost the same as any other front street lamp, but at 215g, it is quite sturdy, because it needs a decent battery (6,000mAh) to provide a reasonable maximum of 1,600 lumens Running time-claimed to take 1.4 hours.

You will get a fixed plastic handlebar bracket that is compatible with 35mm and 31.8mm handlebars (includes gasket and Allen key for tightening bolts), as well as remote control switch and USB-C charging cable .

Ravemen PR1600 seems to have taken inspiration from Blackburn Countdown 1600. Blackburn Countdown 1600 also has a digital display that lets you know how much burn time is left in each mode. Ravemen's counterclockwise clock display is more basic than Blackburn's display, but it works on the same principle, and both methods provide more information than the standard switch, which changes color.

However, Ravemen provides a wireless remote control switch whose performance exceeds that of Blackburn. The two buttons (one large and one small) of the switch function similar to the buttons on the main unit. For road bike riding, you can usually change the setting without putting down the lever, but it is useful if you want to "dip" the low beam to accommodate an upcoming car and then quickly reapply the power.

The ability to switch between full power (two LEDs) and other modes (single LED) is one of the best things about Ravemen. It's nothing more than cycling through all modes to get the maximum power, which is nothing boring, but Ravemen actually provides two options through its two buttons, which can be directly cut to 1600 lumens and back again.

There are "road" and "mountain" settings, which are distinguished by the illuminated symbols at the bottom of the display. Five road modes use a single LED, from 800 lumens (2.5 hours) to daylight flashing (24 hours), using two LEDs at the same time, all 1600 (1.4 hours) "turbo".

There are three mountain modes, all of which use two LEDs for wider illumination, ranging from 4 to 1.4 hours.

There are USB-C input and output ports on the back: you can use Ravemen as a power source to charge your phone or Garmin, for example,


Although Ravemen did not specify commuting in the PR1600's intended use list, and it is indeed too large even on streetlight roads, it is still worth pointing out that it does not have any side visibility features-the LEDs completely cover the LEDs. There are no opaque panels or cut corners on the sides.

Let's start with the mount: unfortunately there is no 26.0mm version. Am I the only one who rides a vintage bar but wants decent lighting? I used some rubber to replenish it without a problem and kept it in place (the bike in the photo is a 31.8mm rod). I guess it is because Ravemen is quite heavy and therefore decided to use bolts instead of QR-which means it cannot be quickly transferred between bikes. However, it is thoughtful to provide a small Allen key to tighten the bolts. The lamp itself can be smoothly clicked in and out of the mounting frame, and firmly fixed in it, even when the installation point is facing the back of the lamp instead of in the middle, it will not rattle on the rough terrain , Vibration or pitch.

The remote control switch is fixed to the crossbar or shifter using Velcro straps. Repeated pasting and loosening will lose its stickiness.

Ravemen PR1600 is easy to learn. I don't know how to read the manual, but the only thing to really "understand" is the difference between road mode and mtb mode.

The beam pattern is a real scene. As a passerby, and tested street lights most of the time, I was impressed by its ability to turn night into day. The full beam pattern with two LEDs is incredible. Not only that, its lumen distribution is very even, without bright centers and weak edges. This might be better than the headlights of my car.

In addition, the light provided by Ravemen LEDs is slightly warmer than some LEDs-it is more yellow than the very vivid blue.

The single LED in the road mode provides a more concentrated beam, while the double flash in the mountain bike mode illuminates the edges. For driving on shorter roads, I prefer dual beams-who doesn't want maximum brightness in a dark lane? – But for longer night driving, the "middle" mode (400 lumens, four hours) with only one LED is sufficient.

Ravemen has also done a very good job of suppressing glare, so as not to get confused by oncoming traffic. Normally, the driver will make your bicycle lights not as bright as his or her car headlights, but I have not been flashed when using Ravemen.

It is difficult to tell if the burn time quoted is accurate, because in the real world you tend to change the mode, use the full beam when necessary, and often mess up the settings. However, the countdown on the display seems to match the actual time.

When the battery is low, a flashing "LO" will appear on the display, but when tested in the safety of my own home, there are enough reserves there-a considerable number of miles. It doesn't automatically disable the brighter modes like some simpler lights, but you hope that most riders will use their common sense at this point and minimize the power mode.

The suggested retail price of Blackburn Countdown 1600 is 149.99 pounds, so Ravemen lacks this. There are still some low-priced lights around that are still good, for example

Its price is 100 pounds and the lumens is 850. But Expotra Strada Mk10 has 1500 lumens, the price is 300 pounds, and it weighs 10 grams.

Ravemen may not have brand awareness, or may not have the reputation of certain British and American lamps, but if you don’t mind, and you are just looking for a well-designed unit that can emit a lot of light, then Ravemen PR1600 is powerful, User-friendly, well-made and competitively priced, it is a good choice.

215 grams

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