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E Ink and Atmosic Announce eBadge Reference Design | Business Wire

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E Ink and Atmosic announce the eBadge reference design (Photo: Business Wire)

Billerica, Massachusetts -

)-E Ink Holdings, the leading innovator of electronic ink technology "E Ink" (8069.TW) and Atmosic, the innovator of ultra-low energy Bluetooth® low energy semiconductor technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the eBadge application Reference design.

According to Markets and Markets™ forecasts, the smart badge market will achieve significant growth in the next few years. The value of eBadge equipment in 2019 is $17.8 billion. By 2025, the market size will reach $33 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.6% from 2020 to 2025. The smart badge segment with display is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29.1% in 2017. Forecast period. The growth of smart badges can be attributed to the convenience and transaction security they provide, as well as their ability to tamper-proof storage of information and user account identities.

Through a joint project with E Ink and Atmosic, Atmosic will provide a power-optimized eBadge reference design, including one of E Ink's 2.9-inch or 3.7-inch black-and-white displays or 4.1-inch Gallery Palette™ color displays. The kit utilizes Atmosic's M-series extreme low-power Bluetooth LE platform to achieve a long battery life of many years, and can extend battery life by using optional on-chip energy harvesting.

The kit can be used in landscape or portrait mode. In a typical eBadge use case where three (3) images are replaced per day, a small CR2032 button battery will last for three (3) years. This low-power eBadge can also provide visual updates, including photos, location information, alarm messages and text messages. Using energy harvesting allows eBadge to have unlimited battery life.

"This innovative reference design combines E Ink's low-power e-ink technology with the industry's absolute lowest power Bluetooth LE platform (from Atmosic's M series) to achieve the rapidly growing eBadge market area," Atmosic Sales Executive Director Thomas Lee said. . "With such a low power budget, developers can add many features to build a safe, cost-effective eBadge solution that can run on the same battery for many years, and even get unlimited battery life through energy harvesting. "

"With the increasing popularity of networked devices with displays, for many product designers, the need for enhanced functions while taking into account battery life has become the main concern of many product designers," E Ink Senior Business Unit in the US Vice President Timothy O'Malley said. "The combination of E Ink's low-power display and Atmosic's low-power Bluetooth solution provides product designers with a solution that enables visual data without the need for bulky batteries or device charging challenges. I am happy to work with Atmosic to implement higher-level functions for eBadges and free product designers from the constraints of power consumption."

The reference design will be provided through Atmosic's website:


E Ink Holdings Inc. (8069.TWO), based on the technology of the MIT Media Lab, has changed and defined the e-reader market, creating a multi-billion-dollar new market in less than 10 years. E Ink's low-power products are very suitable for IoT applications in retail, home, hospital, transportation and other fields, enabling customers to place displays in locations that were previously impossible. The company's corporate philosophy aims to provide revolutionary products, user experience and environmental benefits through advanced technology development. This vision has prompted continued investment in the ePaper display field and expanded the use of its technology to many other markets and applications, including smart packaging and fashion. Its electrophoretic display products make it a global leader in ePaper. Its fringe field switching (FFS) technology is the standard for high-end LCD displays and has been licensed by all major LCD manufacturers worldwide. E Ink Holdings is listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange (TPEx) in Taiwan and the Luxembourg market, and is now the world's largest supplier of ePaper displays. For more information, please visit

Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company dedicated to designing ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting wireless solutions. Atmosic's technology is helping to greatly reduce and eliminate device dependence on batteries, thereby providing permanent battery life and battery-free solutions for the Internet of Things. The company's products enable the IoT device ecosystem (designers and manufacturers as well as end users and personnel responsible for deployment) to significantly reduce and maintain individual, home, automotive, healthcare, industrial, corporate, and smart city segments. In addition to these obvious business advantages, Atmosic's goal is to reduce battery consumption in the Internet of Things to reduce the ecological impact.

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E Ink and Atmosic announced the eBadge reference design. The low-power solution can be used for several years on small button batteries.

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