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Digital Signage: Neue Outdoor LED Displays von LG | invidis

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LG Business Solutions of the United States has launched three series and a total of six new models of ultra-bright LED displays for outdoor installation:

The GSCA Versatile series has an open system. In this way, 1:1 (square 500mm) and 2:1 (rectangular 500mm x 1000mm) cabinets can be creatively combined. The front and back of the bright panel of 5,000 nits have reached IP65 protection level. Depending on the model, the pixel pitch is 3.9mm and 4.6mm.

The GSCC Essential series is specially developed for time-critical installations, such as in the rental area, which scores with simple assembly and flexible side-to-side ratio. The series offers three pixel pitches: 6.66mm, 8mm and 16mm. The independent design of the power supply and control unit simplifies maintenance. LG said that cabinets can be used in almost any proportion, regardless of standard

The conclusion of the new outdoor LED display is

These three series can also be designed and installed at a 90 degree angle.

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