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Citizen tip leads DCSO to 3 stolen bikes, drugs, cash, three arrests - KTVZ

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Bend, Oregon (KTVZ)-Citizens reminded on Wednesday that two men dismantled a possibly stolen bicycle behind a trailer at the northern end of Bend, resulting in the arrest of three Bend residents, a raid and three A stolen bicycle and drugs. And cash, the Deschutes Sheriff representative said.

The report on the suspicious situation is at Sgt around 8 am. Juniper Mobile Park on North Highway 97 sent representatives. William Bailey said. The person told the dispatcher that two people were behind the trailer and were disassembling a bicycle that might have been stolen.

The delegates contacted the 63-year-old resident Galen Brown, who allowed the delegates to inspect the three bicycles there. Bailey said the representatives confirmed that they were stolen in Bend last month, with a total value of more than $10,000.

The representatives applied for and obtained search warrants to find other stolen bicycles and parts. Bailey said that the raid revealed more suspicious stolen items, as well as methamphetamine, heroin and cash related to drug sales.

At the residence, he also contacted Shawn Claxton, 49, and Cindiy Kusmider, 39, and arrested them under a valid arrest warrant and took them to the county jail.

Brown was arrested for being extradited and will appear in court on charges of gross theft, possession and delivery of methamphetamine, and possession of heroin.

Bailey said the investigation is continuing and there may be more allegations, adding: “The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank this careful citizen who called and reported this information.

Barney is the director of digital content for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney


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Wow. Look at the methamphetamine face on that table.

3 bikes for $10,000? Nice bike.

More than three bicycles, other bicycles cannot be identified because the serial number has been approved

3 bicycles worth more than $10,000? Obviously, these two good citizens are not the only one

Is stupid, or doing some kind of drug...

It doesn't matter how much someone will spend. There is no foolishness to enjoy the fruits of labor.

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