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Allegiant Stadium video screen to be among largest in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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The video screen scheduled to be installed on Interstate 15 across from the Allegiant Stadium will be one of the largest in Las Vegas.

The video screen was originally scheduled to be installed on the side of the Allegiant Stadium facing Interstate 15. The screen is very large-27,600 square feet-but will not be the largest in Las Vegas.

This distinction belongs to the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision canopy, which is 1,500 feet long, 90 feet wide and covers an area of ​​135,000 square feet.

But with the emergence of the independence sign, the "Loyalty" screen will eclipse everyone else in Clark County. The sign plan submitted to Clark County shows that the video board is planned to be 80 feet high and 345 feet high and fixed to the exterior of the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium with a capacity of 65,000 seats.

County Planning Director Nancy Amundson confirmed that the logo is part of the stadium’s approved exterior logo packaging.

Before the sign was installed, the largest video sign in Las Vegas was the video sign located above the Harmon retail area on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue. It is 71 feet high and 359 feet long, or an area of ​​25,517 square meters. foot.

Although the intruder officials have not detailed the screen, the chief operating officer of Las Vegas Stadium Co., Ltd., Don Weber, told the Las Vegas Review during a tour of Allegiant Stadium in November that it will adopt a media network system. Therefore, it will not hinder the vision of people looking out from the stadium.

The plan identified a video screen used in the American Airlines Arena of the NBA franchise Miami Heat as an example of a video screen used in Las Vegas.

The screens in Miami are also made of mediamesh, which allows the structure to display dynamic video boards while allowing people inside to see the windows.

Following the Federal Aviation Administration’s review, the Clark County Commission approved the sign plan in November and is not expected to raise any questions for motorists driving I-15 or air traffic in and out of McCarran International Airport.

In total, the stadium will have 650 signs of various sizes, of which 475 will be outside the stadium.

The stadium plan also showed that white dotted ribbons were installed around the Allegiant Stadium, with a total length of 7865 feet. The ribbon will illuminate the dark building at night and make it look different.

Other notable video signs in the valley include the mediamesh screen above the Palms, which is 275 feet high and 82 feet high, and the LED video screens at the southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road are 45 feet or higher. Longer than 175 feet. Both of these signs were installed last year.

The Allegiant Stadium logo will not be the largest in Las Vegas in the long term, because the US$4.3 billion "Resorts World" project includes a planned LED screen on the West Tower, which will account for when it opens in 2021. 100,000 square feet.

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Although unable to host fans during the 2020 NFL season, Allegiant Stadium still played a vital role in advertising Las Vegas during a difficult year.

With the pandemic curbing visits to Las Vegas, the room tax revenue dedicated to paying public donations to Allegiant Stadium has fallen behind the required amount.

A developer in Arizona bought a small piece of land opposite the Allegiant Stadium at a high price and planned to build an In-N-Out Burger.

Once mass vaccination begins in southern Nevada, Allegiant Stadium can be used as a COVID-19 vaccination site.

As officials work hard to create a vibrant stadium area, plans for the area surrounding the Allegiant stadium area are becoming the focus.

The construction of the Allegiant Stadium is expected to be reduced by $25 million within the budget, as all work will be completed on the 63-acre site.

As California may increase the possibility of COVID-19 restrictions, these teams can play their home games at Allegiant Stadium.

After officials had to withdraw funds from the debt reserve account to make bond payments at Allegiant Stadium as planned, people questioned how the procedure worked.

Due to tax shortages, Clark County had to withdraw $11.55 million from the debt reserve account to help repay the Allegiant Stadium bond payment scheduled for December.

Raiders owner Mark Davis fulfilled his promise to prepare a steak dinner for the thousands of workers who built the Faithful Stadium.

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