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After shaky start, Chiefs’ Hill matures into All-Pro star - The Washington Post

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Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill will be the first to tell you that he almost gave up his football career.

In fact, twice.

The first time was during college, when he stood out in Oklahoma State University, and a domestic dispute caused him to be kicked out of the team. He recovered his image in Western Alabama and joined the Chiefs as a fifth-round pick. When another off-court issue resulted in a long offseason suspension, he began to attract attention. .

However, this issue has been resolved without any legal consequences, and Hill returned to renew his contract with the Chiefs before last season. Then he went on to help them win their first Super Bowl championship in fifty years.

One of the most dynamic players in the NFL, this season continues to maintain its upward momentum. Hill captured 87 passes in the regular season with a passing distance of 1,276 yards. This is the third time he has broken 1,000 goals in four years. He also scored a career-high 15 TD catches, scored two more points, and led the league with a singles advantage of 14 yards per yard.

Now, after two major performances in the playoffs, Hill has the opportunity to help the Chiefs defend their title.

"When it comes to football, I just like the game." Hill said that his outstanding performance made him selected for the All-Pro for the third time in the previous five seasons. "You are facing your man, alone in a man, and playing a wide range of positions-he beat you a game, or you beat him. That dog is fighting for the ball."


For a guy who entered the league with a small gadget, this is really a headache. His profession is to return to his career kick-off and kick. Even in college, no one seemed to know whether Hill was a pass receiver or ran back. This continued in his first season with the Chiefs, when coach Andy Reid tried to get Know how to use him.

When his future became clear, Hill began to focus on being the best wide receiver he could be.

He spent countless hours with personal trainer Luther Glover in a sports performance facility in the suburbs of Kansas City. He performed hundreds of additional exercises with quarterback Patrick Mahomes to adjust the duration of the exercise and his running ability. He is full of interest in movies of himself, his opponents and the best characters of all time.

Hill said: "When I do something, I want to be the best. That is what my grandparents taught me all my life. Don't average things. It's just the flame in my heart, just competition-nothing more. . I like competition."

This competitive advantage may be why Hill shines when the light is at its brightest.

In the Super Bowl game last season, he had 9 catches from 105 yards to help the Chiefs surpass the 49ers. After seeing each other in the first round of the season, Hill followed, scoring 8 goals for 110 yards in the divisional round against Cleveland, and then 9 in the AFC Champions defeat of Buffalo. Shots, creating a franchise record of 172 yards.

"The biggest thing," Mahomes said, "just take what's there and pass the ball to him in space."

Because Hill, with his extraordinary speed and elusive ability, can turn the most ordinary games into something special.

The best example is the bill. Hill leaned in the middle and leaned toward the Chiefs' sideline, and three defensive players loaded him in. He stepped his foot on the ground, cut to the left, then turned on the jet, and walked diagonally across the field. By the time Hill was finally cleared within the 5-yard line, he had walked 71 yards (the crows were flying), becoming the second longest catch in KC playoff history.

"He took a different direction. He walked sideways." Reid shook his head. "It may be twice as fast as the Ravens can fly, but he did what was necessary. The best part is that in the early stages, he separated the two or three guards and walked to the left. Not many people It can be done."

Since he entered the league, Hill has been playing this eye-opening game, which caused nightmares for the defensive coordinator and made opponents and fans breathless.

However, only after the performance did he show his growth and maturity over the past five years.

"He came over and apologized for not scoring. He said he was getting slower and slower." Reid smiled humorously. "I said,'Yes, good.'

"But he just likes to play. That is my love for him." ___

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