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  1. P3.9 户内彩幕舞台背景LED显示屏
  2. P3.9 Indoor Rental LED Mesh Curtain LED display
  3. P3.9 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall Screen

P3.9 户内彩幕舞台背景LED显示屏

  • 名称P3.9
  • 型号Die-casting Aluminium
  • 应用场合Live Concert
  1. 详细信息





P3.9 Indoor Rental LED Display

深圳易庆德光电 Indoor Rental
Pixel pitch: 3.9 mm
Pixel configuration: 3-in-1 SMD
Brightness: 1500 nit Refresh rate: 
2000 Hz
Colors: 655 Trillion
Cabinet size: 500×1000×79.5mm

Detachable Module Back Cover, 

Easy for Maintenance


The module’s back cover can be detached directly, making it 

easy to maintain IC, capacitors and resistors.


Compatibility Between Hanging Bar and 

Ground Bar, and Cost Saving


Turn the hanging bar 90 degree, then it can be used as ground bar, 

which can save management and investment costs.

Cabinet edge protection design, 

improved product stability


Height of cabinet is higer than modules, which can protect 

the edge of the modules so it can protect the mask and led 

lamp to improve the stability    


No Differences Between Left and Right Modules, No Troubles Changing Modules


Module size 500mm×250mm, no difference between left and right modules, which is easy to manage and maintain  


Application: Church,Opera House,Stage Background Video Wall,TV Station Show-business,Stars Concerts,Festivals,Celebration Activities,Exhibitions,LED DJ Booth

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