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  1. P2.9 室内全彩LED显示屏
  2. P2.9 Indoor LED  Event Display For High-end Events
  3. P2.9 Brilliant Star Indoor Event Rental LED Display
  4. P2.9 Brilliant Star Indoor Event Rental LED Event Display
  5. P2.9  Indoor Event Rental LED Screen For Conference

P2.9 室内全彩LED显示屏

  • 名称P2.9
  • 型号Die-casting Aluminium
  • 应用场合Events Production
  1. 详细信息

P2.9 Indoor Event Production Rental LED Display Screen




Introduction And Features:


Be distinguished by its design, P2.9 Indoor event audio visual equipment LED video walls are consisted to be the best event production on the market. 

Aim at high-end market, its quality, reliability and excellent visual effect contribute the most to its success.
Dies casting aluminum material design, it only weighs 8KG per unit.
With multi fast locks and alignment pins, flatness and seamless are greatly reduced, the precise seamless and flatness are 0.01mm
500x500mm panel size is given it the advantage of setting up accurate dimensions.









P2.9 Indoor Event Rental LED Screen 




P2.9 Indoor Event Production LED Screen



 Pixel Pitch


 Cabinet  Resolution(W*H)


 Pixel Configuration

 1R1G1B(in 3 n 1

 LED Encapsulation

 SMD Black 1514

 Pixel Density

112,903 Pixel/

 Driving Method

 1/14 Scan 

 Refresh Frequency

 ≥2880HzSupport High refresh rate, depend on the system configuration

 Driver IC

 SUM2032/MBI 5153

 Grey Scale

 ≥16Bit(depending on the system and IC configuration)

 Cabinet Size


 White balance Brightness


Seamless Connection and Easy Installation
Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm.
Seamless connection, 0.01mm gapline between 2 cabinets.
Fast lock for quick and easy installation.
Maximum support 50 pcs hanging in a collum.








Humanized Design 


Color classification of power input and output connectors, test button and indicator lights.




High Precision Quick Locks Ensure Good Uniformity
High precision quick locks ensure good uniformity and stability.
Seamless connection, 0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets.





Core New Features And improvements 
Smooth Live Feed Switching With High Refresh Rate

Smooth display image is realized shooting with 2880HZ refresh rate even under 1/2000 shutter professional camera shooting, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.








Clear Image Quality, Eliminating Ghost Line

Clear image quality is achieved after eliminating ghost line, blurring.     










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