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  1. ES Plus Series Indoor Rental LED Display
  2. ES Plus Series Indoor Rental LED Display

ES Plus Series Indoor Rental LED Display

  • Product Type :P2.97
  • Material:Die-casting Aluminium
  • Applications:Conference Room
  • Features:Stable and durable
  • Size :500mmx500mm

P2.97 Indoor HD Small Pixel DisplayP2.97 Indoor HD Small Pixel DisplayPixel pitch2.97mm

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ES Plus Series Indoor LED Display



Carefully select each LED lamp,ensure the whole LED Screen operation stably with vivid colors.

With high quality and high contrast mask,effectively prevent accidental loss of LED Pixels. 

Upgraded version fast locks, more convenience for set-up and disassemble,faster and safer.

Hanging Beam and Ground Beam 2 in 1,solve uneven ground/floor situation once for all.

Only Four bolts on each module,can take down modules without opening rear cover to save more time.


New designed anti-collision plate, difficulty in falling lamp.



Topology Diagram


Lower the brightness  Keep the grey scale Creative installation Large viewing angle

Installation Diagram



Indoor P2.97 Canada 4.5mx2.5m.jpg
Indoor P2.97 Canada 4.5mx2.5m

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