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    Pantalla LED full color de tv interior

    • Product TypeP6
    • Size768*576
    • Applicationindoor

    Pantalla LED full color de tv interior

    1. Detailed Information
    2. Parameter

    1.color fullcolor indoor big LED tv screen
    2.refresh rate>600Hz abroad after-sales sevice
    4.indoor LED display

    Pitch 6mm Indoor Full Color LED Display

    Product features
    1. The SMD 3 in 1 and Separate SMD are available.
    2. Wider viewing angle. Quality image without any distortion.
    3. New generation modular system for rental applications.
    4. High brightness and low color recession LEDs are applied.
    5. Aluminum frame and cabinet for better heat conduction.
    6. Power indicator and signal indicator in the cabinet door.
    7. Distinctive modularity and faster installation design.
    8. Use the same level led chips to insure the consistency of the screen.
    9. Have passed CE, FCC, ROHs, ISO certifications.
    10. Support maintenance of single pixel and single led.

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