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    PH16mm 3 in 1 interior pantallas de LED full color for wedding event

    • Product TypeP16
    • Size960*960
    • Applicationindoor

    PH16mm 3 in 1 interior pantallas de LED full color for wedding event

    1. Detailed Information
    2. Parameter

    PH16mm 3 in 1 interior pantallas de LED full color for wedding event
    1. Long lifespan more 100,000 hous
    2. High bright
    3. CE

    PH16mm 3 in 1 interior pantallas de LED full color for wedding event
    Features & Technology Specification:
    1. Widely application field and short ROI time. Commercial advertising Led display screen, Stadium
    perimeter Led display screen, mobile trailer led display,led screen for mobile media, shopping mall
    led display, screen for logo showing,led display for bank or stock exchange rate showing, led moving
    sign for train and bus station, Led display screen for air port, telecommunication led display screen
    for information showing and instruction and ect.
    2. High contrast ratio:4000:1. Which is a pretty high level to ensure vivid image of Led display screen
    3. First-level Led chip. Supplied by Nicha of Japan, CREE of USA, and other high strictly selected Led
    chip to ensure long lifespan and high brightness of Led display screen system.
    4.Clear Vivid image quality displaying. Even in direct and full-on sunlight day to ensure you attract more
    audience to get short ROI of your Led display screen's investment.
    5. Long term brightness. 7500 nits brightness for outdoor full color led display, 2000 nits brightness for indoor
    full color led display capacity throught products lifetime of Led display screen.
    6. Easy installation and programming. Easy and simple installation interface, use friendly software to ensure
    the user programme the Led display screen system.

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    7. Convenient servicing. Front and rear cabinet access makes maintenance work very convenient and
    low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.
    8. The list of availabe models of our Led display/screen/panels/signs. PH4mm, PH4.75mm, PH5mm
    PH6mm, PH7.62mm, PH8mm, PH10mm, PH12mm, PH12.5mm, PH14mm, PH16mm, PH18mm
    PH20mm, PH25mm, PH31.25mm, PH37.5mm, PH40mm, PH100mm, PH125mm and ect.

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