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    P10 pantallas gigantes led

    • Product TypeP10
    • Size960*960
    • ApplicationOutdoor

    P10 pantallas gigantes led

    1. Detailed Information
    2. Parameter


    pantallas gigantes led,good quality,CE,ROHS certificate,fast delivery,good



    technology parameter

    1.pixel tube:




    pixel pitch:10mm;

    primary colors:  red +green +blue;

    color composing:1R1G1B; full color



    2.unit box:

    module size:160mm×;

    Module resolution:16x16;

    cabinet size: 960mm×960mm;

    Cabinet resolution:96x96;

    cabinet thickness:(cold-roll steel sheet)150mm+(maintain)600mm;

    3.the whole screen:


    the optimum viewing angel: horizontal  120°vertical 60°

    the optimum viewing distance:10-550m;

    working temperature:-20°C ~ +45°C(-30°C ~ +50°C optional)

    relative humidity:≤95%RH;



    4.operating voltage

    AC220V±10% or 110V±10% or 380V or 240V or 440V

    :average consumption:300~500 W/m2

    Max consumption: ≤900 W/ sqm

    5.master system:


    PCTV non-linear editing card +DVI display card+ main controller card+ optic fiber transmission(Optional)


    6.main technology parameter:



    1)driving mode:1/4 scan constant current driving 1/4

    2)refreshing rate:1000Hz/s

    3)frame frequency:120Hz/s

    4)gray scale/color:16.7M colors(Synchronized)

    5)manage gray:72bit


    7)color temperature condition:3500K~9500K,be adjustable

    8)adjusting style of brightness: hand movement/auto

    9)video signal: RF,S-Video,RGB,RGBHV,YUV,YC,COMPOSITION etc. managing ability of signal:12bit.against Y revised curve: owns 3pcs above Y curve that can adjustable.

    10)master system adopt: PCTV card+ DVI display card +main master card+ optic fiber transmission

    11)aver trouble-free time:5000hours

    12)evenness: between random adjacent pixel 0.5mm,module splicing space<1mm 

    13)uniformity: strong pixel light, equal module brightness, without the phenomenon of color spot looking from the right side when it turns to be all white, and also the clean picture.

    14)malfunction dot rate:<0.0001(to be discrete situation)

    15)switch power loading:5V/40A

    16)display mode of computer:1024×768   

    17)efficient communication distance:

    reticle:100m(without middle relay),multiple mould optic fiber:500m,single mould optic fiber 20km


    Player file 
    - LED Studio Software 
    - Control the way sync screen (computing) 
    - Control system DVI graphics card 
    - Content Screen Video DVD, VCD, TV, photos, text. 
    - An interface standard Ethernet 
    - Transmission distance CAT 5 cable: <100 m; single fiber: <10 km 


    Related software Microsoft Media Player, Office 2000, Real Player in the case of Real 


    LED studio



    led video sex display

    And please see and check main specific technology advantages of our products as below:
    1.Firm and high safety ratio of Ox horn socket,convenient to take or carry.
    2.Large PCB board emerges heavy current,wide circuit and high brightness and avoids Mosaic phenomenon so that can make sure display work smoothly.
    3.PC material that we use has function of retardant fire,avoids using bad quality of expand with heat and contract with cold plastic,and PC material has the firm original pure black,prevents fading from wind,sun and rain.
    4.Large module leads less space and better evenness makes display good image.
    5.A class of lamp bead has better gloss and high pure degree makes out high clear image.
    6.Stainless steel of screw makes IC and current operate smoothly.
    7.Heat resistance 90°IC not easy to be harmed makes display longer lifetime.
    8.Platoon fan makes normal air convection,easy to work,save too much power cost for customer and extends screen lifetime,but if air conditioner,it will make too low temperature,and as random two cabinet can not combine together with no any space,so the cold air can flow out from the cabinet,at this time air conditioner will be no meaningful,also temperature of high sometimes or low sometimes makes bad effect on IC.
    9.220V Langyu lightning rod installing(outdoor),the hight from lightning rod to the top of display is more than 2.5m,prevents lightning sudden attacking makes display can not work smoothly.And undergrounding construction:the lowest layer is putting copper rod about height 2m to 4m in the deepest,then charcoal 50mm to 100mm in the countdown second layer,and then salt in the countdown third layer to keep ground wet.

    advantages above is just the reason why so many persons select us.We think over for customers.


    1,How can you place the order to us?
    We are factory of Outdoor and Indoor LED Display,and has nearly 6 years' Professional experience in this.If you are interested in our products,we will try our best to cooperate with you.Firstly,you can tell us the module size,then our engineer will analysis and do several kinds of projects as per your request for your selection,every project has its own advantage and disadvantage,all the details included price is for your reference,then you can make decision to select which project is the best fit for your situation.Once you confirmed the order,then you will pay us the deposit of 30%,both of you and us stamp and sign the contract,then we will produce the goods for you,make sure to offer you good quality,and delivery the goods within the deadline,Service first,trust us,trust the world.

    2.If you want cheaper price,what will we do?
    As we are factory,so the price we offer you is reasonable,and we must make sure good quality,you can compare the price to other suppliers if in all the same product,but,if your quantity is large indeed,we can also consider very less profit for your long time cooperation with us,and make co-win.Profit is not our last goal,our goal is doing better quality and service for more people,let more persons enjoy the different feeling,more entertainment and the most important news,using our LED Display,you will get relax and happy mood,we can talk about everything.Communcation is not the problem forever.

    3.How can you trust the quality of our products?
    For building the good reputation,just say only is not suitable,we must do it to prove ourself,every course is strict from the beginning we buy material,our engineer inspect the quality of material,even the smallest component,what's more,they will guide workers to produce,once they found the bad point,the products will be done poorly done work over again in the shortest time,they will not stop to test every point until all the point is good ,because they know details decide whether succeed or not especially in nowadays,welcome to check us.

    4.Can you visit our factory in China?
    Usually except our staff,other persons are not allowed to visit the factory,as you know it is not good for workers to produce intently.But,of course,our factory is open to our customers,very welcome to visit us,and the person who is responsible will guide you to scan the workshop every step,you will know the rough producing situation,then you will be trustfull to us.Business is long time cooperation.Trust is the most important between each other. I think we can not only do business together,but also can be good friends.The future is belonging to both of you and us.

    5.What is our culture:
    Our factory has our own characteristic culture.It is full of passion,warmth,has our own sunshine motto,every worker in this firm is not only workmate,what's more,we are friends,the friendship is rich,all the staff try their best to work everyday.Our work slogan is:Work warmly,live happily;The spirit is:Strictly demanding,Consciously dedication;The goal is:Customer front,Service first;Service idea:Service loyally,live Wonderfully;We believe that SCXK will be bigger and bigger with our effort near future.Welcome to experience it.

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