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    LED Eventos Immersive Screen/LED Eventos Pantalla

    • Product TypeP6
    • Size192*192
    • ApplicationLive Events Led Display

    LED Eventos Immersive Screen/LED Eventos Pantalla

    1. Detailed Information
    2. Parameter

    LED Eventos Immersive Screen/LED Eventos Pantalla

    1,Efficient and energy saving        
    2,Full color and High definition
    3,Long life span,Environment-friendly                   
    4,140 ° viewing angle High-brightness
    5,Wide range of application

    Application of LED display screen

    1,Advertising LED display screen
    LED display,with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes,etc. LED display advertising has become a new force in the media industry.Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But LED display can perfect combine text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution, high brightness and full color! LED display Advertising can easily attract the attention of pedestrians, and also are easy to remember,which can generate greater advertising effectiveness. Led display advertising now are applied in main street, shopping mall, Plaza Park, outstanding buildings, landmarks, airports, stations and so on.

    2,Stadium LED display screen
    Led screen are used in stadium to live show, video play, slow motion playback, specific lens display, sports score information presentation, as well as commercials advertising.
    The common cases are football field led screen fence, basketball stadium center screen, and screens in swimming stadium, Athletics stadium, etc.

    3,Transportation LED display screen
    In the busy streets of city or on the highway, we can see LED display screen, these screens are generally controlled by a unified control center, in conjunction with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatic display traffic flow or traffic jam information. Also screens display weather, traffic regulations, to remind drivers to drive safely, and has the effect of signpost. The main application areas are in the city's main roads, road density lots, highways and other places.

    4,Stage rental LED display screen
    LED rental screens can easily installed and removed, also easy to transport.LED rental screens now are widely used in stage show, concert,theater, party,and other entertainment event as background, it can be live show and replay,and its so big that audience far away from the stage can see the performance on the stage clearly, creating a magnificent , highly infectious atmosphere, combined with highquality sound, giving a perfect visual feast.


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