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Why old customers always trust us?

There is one customers who trust us very much after placed the 1st order and he come to visit us again with a new project recently.Do you know what he told us?He said”I’d like to be your agent after this new order.”

How could it happen?I thought it’s not only because we are good friends but also our products quality.

The 1st order who placed to us is the indoor led display in this January.

At recently,indoor event products is more and more popular with customers.The 1st batch of P3.9 indoor stocked panel was sold out and we are procuing the 2nd batch of P3.9 indoor panel at now.However,there are 300pcs of panel was ordered for this batch.It seems we need to produce more to meet your needs.All this is because of the good quality.

We have no way to betray your trust with such a good product.


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