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Why come to visiting China factory ? (Do business face to face)

From September , it’s purchase busy season of Led screen industry , more and more customers come to China for visiting factory and attending the exhibition. 

There is no doubt that we also meeting many clients in our factory . they thought it’s more efficient that do business face to face , which it’s key to expand the business .


Some customers prefer do business face to face , they want to check the quality and production capacity of the factory , compared with the different factory ,different products . then some customers choose the best quality products with expensive price , others choose the good quality products with better price (highly cost effective) .


Some customers who is first time to do business of led screen , then they want to know how to operate the screen . (our company always provide free training with one week ).


Some clients prefer do business face to face , which it let them get bigger discount price than online business , at same time ,they also can see the real products , keep money in safety , they thought .


There is not doubt that do business face to face will be popular in the future . Eachinled always be here waiting for you , welcome to visiting our factory :)

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