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Why P2.5 Indoor LED Pixel Display Raises Rapidly

According to recent sale record and marketing research, heretofore P2.5 Indoor LED pixel display has been selling more than 756 square meter from October 13th until now, several order have been confirmed to go to production line on 8th of December, production department estimates that 1135 square meter will be producing before 2017.


Why P2.5 Indoor small pixel LED video screen raises so rapidly? Interestingly a study shows that due to indoor rental LED screen grows very fast, the indoor fixed LED screen for conference room, airport terminal, museum, shopping center and cinemas is in short supply. So far, Indoor rental LED screen P3.9 has occupied the rental market for a long time, the market needs a lower pixel LED display to fill the indoor fixed gap, here comes P2.5 Indoor small pixel LED display to meet market needs.

The P2.5 is designed mainly for indoor fixed, however the cabinet uses die casting aluminum material which allows the cabinet to be used for rental project as well, the reason we use die casting aluminum for the cabinet instead of iron cabinet is that the die casting aluminum cabinet can great reduce the total weight and easy for installation without heavy structure.

P2.5 Indoor LED video wall is with 480mmx480mm cabinet and 240mmx240mm module, that ensures the flatness, the cabinet is with precise quick lock system that makes the flatness even better. On the electronic design, the module uses high refresh rate IC and Shadow elimination circuit, these two advanced features will guarantee the visual effect and no ghost line on the screen when you see it closely.

As we all know, the smaller pixel you get the easier damage will be on the LEDs, we are aware of this issue, the package is improved on the P2.5 and the spare parts is increased on the quantity, we can’t make 100% perfect product, though we are doing our best to satisfy you.

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