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Why Choose P5 LED Screen For Your Outdoor Project?

With the development of economic and technology, the people require a smaller the pixel pitch to reach a good visual effect. Outdoor P5 full color led display panel is widely used in roadside, exterior wall of building, rooftop and so on.


Here are the main features of P5 outdoor full color led display panel:  
1. High brightness and wide visible angle. The SMD2727 LEDs with high brightness is used and its brightness can reach over 5000 cd per square meter, and the wavelength coverage is 1.5nm, and the visible angle is 140°.

2. High refresh frequency and high gray scale. The refresh frequency can reach 1920 Hz, and the gray scale is 14 bit. Besides, it can be updated to be 16 bit data processing and 3840Hz refresh frequency, and the pictures are clear and fluent.

3. Professional led display control system with advanced technology and intelligent control Point-by-point brightness and chroma emendation technology ensures the long-term evenness and conformity of the pictures. Automatic and intelligent step-by-step powering system makes sure that the brightness of the led panel automatically changes with the environment.

4. Scientific cabinet design with strong compatibility. At the product design of outdoor full color led display board, we always stick to the design concept of energy conservancy and environment protection. The structure of the cabinet is designed with standardization, and the cabinet with the same size can be suitable for different pixel display and for different installation environment, making the installation and maintenance of the cabinet more convenient. In addition, the led cabinet is light and thin, and the appearance is fashionable and in good taste.

5. First-rate protection performance. The cabinet has excellent performance of damp-proof and corrosion resistance, for this reason, this product can be used even in the air environment with high moisture and high salt. The front of the cabinet uses IP65 and the back of the cabinet uses IP54 protection level.

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