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Which role does the P5 outdoor front open panel play ?

Outdoor led panel plays a important role in the led wall market.We have to pay high attention to this market after received so many outdoor panel orders.


Why outdoor panel with a big share in market?It’s not only because more and more people who use it to instead of advertising card or LCD but also because the price of outdoor led panel has dropped off.

However,P5 front open panel is very popular with customers during outdoor led panel market.Attracted by it’s high resolution and front service advantages,some custmers even come  there  visit us to see the video effect.

More and more customers who like to choose a high clear products for his project.It’s the trend of led panel market.This is also the reason why P5 is so popular in outdoor market,P5 outdoor panel plays a pioneer role in market.I guess with the development of outdooor market,P5 will attracted more eyes in the future.Just expect it!

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