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What will you do if you get the opposite size for width of height of cabinet?

There is a feedback from customers recently who said that he got a opposite size for width and height of cabinet. So the video & picture was in a wrong direction.

What will you do in such a situation?

Don’t worry. Please contact with us at the first time. Our engineer will help resetting the RCFG file based on your panel. And then the problem will be resolved by uploading the new RCFG file.

The reason why we grow up so fast is not only because of the good quality products but also the good after sale service. This is also the reason why we come to the foreign country to visit you.

We also have a plan to set up a warehouse in US recently. In that case, it will be more convinence for you to check the products quality and to service you better.

Just as you know: Quality is our culture. Maybe there are some unexpected problems happened when you using it, but we’ll help you resolve it. So there is nothing to be worried, just believe us!

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