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What is LED Display

LED rental led display: LED is a light emitting diode, light emitting diode English acronym LED. By controlling the LED display is a semiconductor light-emitting diode display, the screen is used to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals and other information.

LED display into the graphic display and video display, LED matrix blocks. Graphic displays can be synchronized to display Chinese characters, English text and graphics and computer; video display using micro-computer control, graphics, images, and Mao, in real-time, synchronous, clear information dissemination play a variety of information, but also shows two dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, TV, VCD programs and live. LED screen display colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, static, such as painting, moving like the film, widely used in railway stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction market, auction houses, industrial enterprises and other public places.


Quality Led Display Panel can show changes in the numbers, text, graphics and video; not only the indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with a projector, TV wall, LCD screen can not match advantage.

LED reason why widespread attention and rapid development, and it itself has the advantage inseparable. To sum up these advantages are: high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, small size, long life, impact resistance and stable performance.

LED is extremely broad prospects for development, is moving higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

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