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Trendy Outdoor SMD3535 Advertising LED Display In Tunisia


Eachinled a professional LED display solution provider has been specializing in manufacturing and providing integrated solution for years.

Eachinled is committed to developing new models and providing advanced LED screen to customers, until now Eachinled has developed small pixel LED screen and outdoor P6, P8 and P10 SMD3535 LED screen, outdoor LED screens have been applied to many parts of the world, In the middle of June, one giant outdoor SMD LED screen has been built up in Tunisia.

This project is taken about 5-month from solution providing to installation, this big LED screen is perceived to as the landmark in capital of Tunisia according to our customer Mr.Iheb Souilem saying.

Mr.Iheb Souilem is an entrepreneurial businessman, he has very intelligent insight in future marketing and advertising promotion, he says:”advertising is changing, we are in digital world in 21 century, I believe that digital advertising will become new media carrier to display the advertisement.” We deeply understand his saying and believe in our product will have good market share in the industry.


 Hereby, we sincerely hope that Mr.Iheb Souilem and his business will flourish our cooperation will be frequent and successful.

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