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The New Trend of LED Application in Agriculture and Horticul

As we know, LED is a popular light source with eco-friendly features. And with the rapid development of the agriculture and horticultural industry, the demand to improve the crop output is soaring. People begin to think of securing steady agricultural harvests with plant factories, and LED is gradually to be available in the horticultural sector

Generally, the sunlight has played a key role in promoting plants growth under the photosynthesis. And LED grow light has created huge business opportunities. Research has shown that the wavelength of LED grow light is good for plants growth. Without enough sunshine, crops will get weaker and weaker. And as lighting supplement, LED grow light can effectively overcome this problem with the ability to prolong the crop’s lifetime and improve the quality.

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In the past, the output of crops mainly relies on the weather. Nowadays, people can change this limitation with LED lights. As lighting supplement, LEDs can be used in anytime and anywhere. No matter in daylight or night, crops can bath in enough light emitted by LED. On one hand, people can never consider about the taste of the fruit impacted by the shortage of sunlight. On the other hand, LEDs enable us to plant all kinds of crops throughout every season.

What’s more, LED products are recognized to be the green lighting lamps in the 21st century. Compared to traditional lighting which will generate a large amount of heat, LED can directly make electric energy into light energy, causing less heat and no waste of the energy. Also, it does not contain mercury or lead. So it does no harm to the environment. And the life span for it is 10 times longer than that of traditional one. So there is no need to change the lamp for a long period of time, reducing the manpower and other costs. Therefore, LEDs embrace new future for lighting application in greenhouse.

However, currently, there are still some problems to be settled. The first element customers come to consider is the high cost. Additionally, manufacturers haven’t worked out related product standard or technical guidance. The good and bad products are intermingled. So it’s hard for customers to choose. What’s more, due to the lack of the design regulation, some LED productions are not capable of waterproof and corrosion resistance. So they can’t live for a long time to stand the harsh environment. At the same time, customers are also concerned about the potential safety hazard caused by the immature technology.

Despite of the obstacles, many LED manufacturers have seen the potential market and dedicated in developing new lighting technology. And the price of LED product will decrease as the improving technology. Then, LED application in the agriculture and horticultural industry is dawning near.

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