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The Largest Outdoor LED Display in Taiwan for the Hualien Baseball Stadium

The largest full-color outdoor LED display for Hualien Baseball Stadium, Taiwan. has leveraged its high-definition 16mm pitch LED display technology with the industry-leading brightness of up to 6,000 nits, 4000:1 contrast ratio and its innovative software capabilities for a highly customizable solution that achieves fantastic broadcast image quality. The Hualien Baseball Stadium is the first baseball stadium in Taiwan to adopt a single-screen, full-color LED display with an integrated scoreboard. The display not only has Taiwan’s largest display area and highest resolution but also has a waterproof rating of IP65. With live broadcasts viewed from afar, every detail remains crystal clear. The display brightness can also be adjusted according to ambient light conditions to save energy.
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The Hualien County Government has been a strong promoter of local sports in recent years. Fu Kun-chi, County Magistrate, invited the Displays team to install the giant high-definition LED display measuring 20.16m wide and 7.68m tall, at the stadium. Equipped with the latest green energy technology, optimized LED hardware and remote management systems provided the best visual effects and most reliable services. Hualien County Baseball Stadium was instantly transformed into a shining star for baseball games.

During game day, baseball fans filled the stadium. With the giant LED display, fans were able to enjoy close-up live images and spectacular instant replays of their favorite players. Every exciting moment, as well as the players' impressive skills, was on full display.

For the LED display, the scoreboard operator used  programmable logic controller (PLC) to remotely display team rosters and current scores through picture-in-picture. With the addition of a radar gun, fans were not only able to see the current players and pitch count on the big screen, but the actual pitch speeds were also displayed almost instantaneously. A video customization service was provided as well, allowing the main display to broadcast live feeds of the audience and interact with the crowd. Team and business advertisements were shown between innings and during intermissions.

The Hualien County Government's policy of encouraging international tourism and promoting "International Metropolis, Tourism Hualien" is starting to gain international attention. For baseball fans, the picturesque setting of the stadium, as well as the modern visual entertainment system will undoubtedly make every trip to the county baseball stadium a fulfilling and exciting experience!

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