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The Basic Structure of LED Display

Led display screen that can be combined by a number of mosaic display unit (display unit display board or unit box) constitute Screen, together with an appropriate controller (control board or control system). Therefore, a variety of specifications display panel (or unit cabinet) with different control technology controller can be composed of many kinds of LED displays, to meet the different environment, different display requirements.

Carefully break down an LED display, which consists of the following elements (in a more complex synchronous video screen, for example):

① metal framework

Indoor screen generally consists of aluminum (aluminum or aluminum square tube angle) form within the framework of carrying the display board and other boards as well as switching power supply, external border with champagne and silver aluminum square tube. Outdoor screen frame according to the screen size and the load-bearing capacity of the body is generally angle or beam structure, aluminum plate frame can be used for decoration.

② display unit

Is the main part of the display, the light-emitting materials and drive circuit. Indoor screen is the variety of unit display panels, outdoor screen is the unit cabinet.

③ scan control board

The circuit board function is the data buffer, generating various scanning signals, and the duty cycle of the gray scale control signal.

④ switching power supply

The 220V alternating current into direct current supplied to the various circuits variety.

⑤ twisted pair and fiber optic cable

Display data and various control signals generated by the master meter twisted pair cable to the screen body (mainly used in single and double-color display). Full color generally use single-mode fiber transmission!

⑥ main controller

RGB digital video signal input buffer, gradation conversion, re-organize, and generates various control signals.

⑦ dedicated graphics card and multimedia card

In addition to a computer display card basic functions while also output digital RGB signals and horizontal and vertical blanking and other signals to the master meter. Analog Video Signal multimedia addition to the above functions can also be entered into a digital RGB signals (ie video capture).

⑧ computers and peripherals

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