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Technical Features of Giant LED Display

The Led Curtain Display’s intensive research in the display field has formed a team of expert-level R & D team, and extensive interaction with the industry internationally, and extensive cooperation. Our display at the technical level recognized by international experts, and products are widely sold abroad, unanimous praise.

My company's LED display driver chip using advanced LED display special chip systems internationally, the system in full-color LED display dominate the field.

Our combination of characteristics of their chips to study the formation constant noise reduction technology to ensure other noise sources such as factors affecting supply LED electronic display due to be reduced to a minimum.

Second, brightness adjustment technology

In order to adapt to different weather, so that the display screen to achieve the best results, our specially designed LED electronic display brightness adjustment device 16. Ensure that the entire LED display in a variety of environments to achieve the best results.

Third, the strong convection heat system

High heat while working LED Display Screen issue, in order to ensure that the entire display system is operating in a steady state, the company to monitor the cooling system has been thoroughly studied, taking into account all of the flowing gas stream, come up with a set of strong convection heat system, make the system more stable and reliable.

Fourth, sophisticated materials technology and scientific production technology

Materials research process is the company's high quality requirements fundamental point, the light materials, package materials, structural materials, in-depth study of the chip material, the company has developed its own sophisticated technology and materials appropriate testing standards and test specifications. In the production process the introduction of foreign advanced production lines and production processes, and fully in accordance with ISO9001 quality system, strict quality management.

Fifth, the media network

The arrival of the information age, so I started a media company network system solutions and the Led display panel system as a network terminal standardized interface formation, can the standard video signals, audio signals, direct access to other network devices compatibility.

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