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Breakthrough Innovation Phantom LED Screen

Along with Shenzhou 11 launching, Eachinled has introduced our latest product Phantom series LED screen, the Phantom series LED screen is a breakthrough innovation product of the year, eachinled invested a lot of capital on this product.

This LED screen is designed based on customer feedback, marketing team interviewed several major customers in different regions, according to their feedback, our R & D team spent half year to design this LED screen, this LED screen has three main advantages than get ahead of most LED screen in the same pixel pitch. You may probably want to know what these are, let’s lift its veil to see this innovative product.

P5.95 LED video screen.png

1.The SMD2022 LED lamp

The SMD2022 uses special LED encapsulation technology to ensure color uniformity from different production batches, and also it uses black packing around the LED and white packing inside, this encapsulation technology largely increases the brightness, waterproof level, light-emitting area, coating quality and viewing angle.

2.Picturesque visual effect

The single module design based on ghost ghost line elimination circuit and MBI5124 IC, which presents high quality image, high refresh, high gray scale. 


3.Curved lock and durable cabinet

The cabinet uses die casting aluminum material with advanced curved quick locks, the quick lock can be curved ±15 degree meets different installation and layouts, the cabinet itself can take 10 cabinet vertically, it’s very durable, and also, it can be installed on the truss and on the ground.


In general, this product is perceived as a breakthrough product in our company for the year, company board members hope than the sales record of this product can be 5000 square meter in the next quarter, now 1500 square meter has already been placed by customers, 3500 square is on its way.

Eachinled will always carry its mission to provide quality product and design humanized product with its heart.

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