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Outdoor Screen To Be Special Consideration Question

(1) Wholesale LED Display Screen and the building must be strictly water leak; Screen have good drainage measures in the event of a smooth water emissions.

(2) On the Outdoor LED Screen to install lightning protection devices and buildings. Display body and cover good grounding resistance of less than 3 ohms, a large current caused by lightning discharge in time.

(3) Installation of ventilation equipment cooling, so that the screen body internal temperature between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Behind the screen above the installed fan, exhaust heat.

(4) The selection of the operating temperature between -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ industrial grade IC chip to prevent winter temperature is too low to make the display cannot be started.

(5) In order to ensure the long-distance visible in strong ambient light conditions, you must use ultra-high-brightness light-emitting diodes.

(6) The use of a new medium, wide viewing angle display tubes, wide viewing angle, color pure, consistent coordination, life over 100,000 hours. Display the outer packaging medium is the most popular with the cover along the square tube, silicone seal, metal-free assembly; its exquisite appearance, durable, with anti-direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature, short circuit proof "Five Anti" feature.

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