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Outdoor P5.95 LED display for Ice Arena in Germany

Eachinled got an order from Germany this month,the customer want to buy an outdoor LED display for ice arena, we suggested him our outdoor die-casting aluminum LED display P5.95, he love it very much and take his order.

Outdoor P5.95 LED display for Ice Arena in Germany

It has finished production now, his size is 5m x1.5m, total 30 pcs 500x500mm panels. Also, it can be made as 500x1000mm to meet different demand from our customer. With the development of LED display market, the P8 and P10 for outdoor rental become old fashioned, but P4.81 and P5.95 is popular now, it usually widely used for sport events, trailer led ,nightclub events ,concert and so on, the ice arena is a new try, we will find more application with your new project.


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