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Our Tunisia client come to our factory and communication with our Overseas sales staff

A great experience  ! Our Tunisia client come to our factory ,to learn how to operate &  maintenance led screen display . Also ,we invite him to 

communication with our Overseas sales  staff . 



He share the reason why he choose Eachinled .he said our salesman 

who is  professional,quickly response and a little funny person ! 

The most important is that our products have good quality with good price .

Finally ,he trust and choose Eachinled .



Otherwise ,I asked him ,about salesman and products ,which one is more important in his mind ?

* He said when the products are almost same ,the salesman is more important ,he will  compare each salesman ,who is best and sincerely person ,then do business with them .

* when the products are different, he will compare the all products ,then choose the better quality and good price supplier.



He is serious and humorous business man   welcome to more and more successful business man join us :)

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