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New Stage of LED Dispaly

LED display industry flourished rapidly, and a new stage of LED display industry development came out. We can specifically divide it into three phases:

1, LED display utility model stage: LED display with environmentally friendly, high brightness, high definition, high reliability features gradually come out, and with a stage, LED display market just to meet the people's needs, but displayed on the LED but mainly the on-screen product quality, but off.

With the development of the led display screen , LED products now have a new breakthrough. At least compared to the previous stage but also enhance progress. Also developed a series of completely different from the traditional source application products will be popular. LED display will appear bigger broader space for development. LED display not only serves as a decorator, it also changes the way people work more closely which makes life bit by bit. Today, manufacturers have to fight in the design application and technology development advantages.

2, LED display intelligent control phase: With the continuous progress and development of the LED display technology, LED as the semiconductor industry, high-speed trains will catch this tour, played out its high controllability characteristics. From home to office, from the road to the tunnel, from cars to walking, from indoor to outdoor, all with intelligent control of LED display systems will bring a higher level of service to humanity. LED display industry will also be doing product, to design products to provide total solutions of course.

3, LED display acceptable alternative stage: As the LED display characteristics of the product is mainly reflected in the high (low energy consumption) luminous efficiency, long life characteristics of this stage is the early development of the LED display, so the selling price, the customer appears to have a certain comparison. Of course, the customer has an acceptable process, customer acceptance of a transition and in the habits and appearance. Let customers know the characteristics of Quality Led Display products, the selection of a power-saving features and longevity. So it is relatively easy for customers to accept high prices, especially in commercial applications, not to mention the price the customer is now followed, mainly in quality to cross the border. Therefore, manufacturers now the fight is in the quality and price advantage. Screen display requirements are higher, when the display refresh rate is insufficient, there will be scanned horizontal line, the need to improve the scan output technology LED display control system, the LED display refresh rate than the general camera shutter speed. And the camera scans the horizontal line at the elimination.

In summary, LED display is in a rapid development and growth of the rise of the stage, I believe that in the near future, LED display will be applied in more areas, while also emerged on the market a wide range of LED display new product screen, give consumers better, more convenient, more energy-efficient LED display.

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