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Lecture Hall, Auditorium And Summit LED Video Wall

Lecture Hall, Auditorium And Summit LED Video Wall

According to latest marketing research and customer needs in recent month, lecture hall LED video screen for presentations, auditorium LED video wall for meetings or shows, and summit LED video panel for meetings as well.

With development of audio visual technology, traditional projector is going to be replaced by LED video screen in lecture hall, auditorium in universities and governmental projects, technically speaking, LED video screen is much better that projector, in terms of visual effect, brightness, image quality, control method and appearance, another point in its favor, LED video wall makes events, meetings and lectures magnificent.

LED video wall for lecture hall.jpg

For lecture hall, auditorium and summit applications, P1.9 and P3.9 Indoor LED video wall panels are the most common products for these application, P1.9 Indoor HD video screen is the latest module, it’s generally acquired by big firms and governmental projects, such as: Harvard business school and China traffic control database bureau. P3.9 LED video screen is generally applied to most lecture halls and auditorium in universities, all these products are good options for those applications, due to the technology of LED is sophisticated, manufacturing process is advanced and quality control is strict, for the customer option of these two products, it largely depends on what kind of clients and events you conduct.

If you want to inquire more information for solution and product for your project, we are here for you.

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