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LED display enterprises make smart breakthrough in city construction

The whole system of smart city construction from top-level design to terminal application, mainly contains four levels: infrastructure level, integration level, framework, system level and smart applications.


Among them, in the infrastructure level and intelligent application level, LED display enterprise can do great things. From the current LED enterprises to participate in the practice of smart city construction, the main products currently provided are intelligent lighting and smart city terminal. At the infrastructure level, smart lighting and smart city terminal fusion new technology of intelligent technology, network technology, communication technology, LED optical technology, not only provide the most basic public services for the people, will become the basic data collection port.


In the city streets, communities, scenic spots, leisure areas, commercial areas, traffic places and other areas throughout a variety of intelligent terminals, collecting portraits, traffic, traffic distribution, resource use and other dynamic data. These data through cloud storage and integration, into a variety of framework subsystems, will become an effective resource, widely used in smart city construction at all application levels.

In LED the wisdom of the city environment in the terminal of this product function and form broke through the boundaries of the original LED products, is no longer a simple display, its function is not only the carrier of broadcasting, but on the basis of a node data induction, data collection on the value chain.


LED technology innovation, giving our displays market leading dynamic range and color reproduction. The intelligent design of LED display, is a new era to the world.

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