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LED Product Development Process

Rental led display spreads rapidly and cause great attention, because of led products’ great number of advantages. For example: high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, ease of integration, driving a simple, long life, impact resistance and stable performance, and its extremely broad development prospects. Current is moving higher brightness, higher weather resistance and luminous density, light uniformity, full color development. With the development of people's needs - kind of large-screen display devices, so with a projector, but its brightness cannot be used in natural light, so there is a LED display (screen), it has a large viewing angle, high brightness, colorful characteristics.

Development of Wholesale LED Display Screen showed the following several stages of development:

1. The first generation of color LED display

Single red for the color, display text and simple design, mainly for notification notices and passenger guidance system.

2. The second-generation dual-color multi-grayscale display

Red and yellow-green color, because there is no blue, only referred to as pseudo-color, grayscale images and can display multiple video, currently in the country are widely used in telecommunications, banking, taxation, hospitals, government agencies and other occasions, mainly display posters, public service advertising and image advertising information.

3. The third-generation full-color (full color) grayscale display more

Red, blue and yellow-green color, you can display a more realistic image, the current is gradually replace the previous generation products.

4. The fourth generation of true color (true color) grayscale display more

Red, blue and pure green colors, can be a true representation of all the colors of nature (in the color coordinate even more than the natural color range). You can display a variety of video and color advertising, its bright colors, bright, high-brightness, contrast and delicate, in the field of advertising applications with excellent visual shocking. True color 5mm within households belong to the big screen in the fourth generation. It has a high brightness, brightness without environmental impact, thin, small space occupied, rich color, wide viewing angle, in the spacious hall, there is no loss of image stitching.

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