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LED Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation is generally adopted in packaging of lamp-LEDs. The encapsulation procedure is to pour liquid epoxy into the LED moulding chamber first, and then insert the LED bracket that has undergone the press welding, then put the mould into the oven, and the LED gets shaped when the epoxy solidifies.

The procedure of encapsulation sounds rather simple, while the following points should be paid attention to:
1. To fit the die bars onto the aluminum ship in a certain direction, drift the dust, and then put the mould into the 125℃ oven for 40 minutes for warm-up.
2. Prepare the required quantity of epoxy, put the epoxy into the 45℃oven for 15min for defoaming.
3. pour the epoxy into the mould, pre-bake the mould (3φ to 5φ products at 125℃ for 60 minutes; 8φ to 10φ products at 110℃ for 30 minutes and then at 125℃ for 30 minutes)
4. Release the product from the mould, bake at 125℃ for 6 to 8 hours.

If the encapsulation process is not properly conducted, the following are possible results:
1.Bracket inclined to one side, inserted too deep or too shallow, upside down, stained with epoxy, yellowed(oxidation, high baking temperature or long baking time)
2.Air bubbles in bowl shape, pearl shape, thread shape, or pinhole bubbles on the surface
3.Impurity, excess epoxy, insufficient epoxy, nebulization
4.Water mark on the epoxy surface, damage or crack of epoxy (aging glue or wrong ratio), yellowed epoxy (excessive ratio of A glue )

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