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LED Electronic Display System Function

Computer control center for processing, led display panel and computer monitors (VGA) window corresponding to a region-by-point, display real-time synchronization, adjustable screen map location, easy freely choose the size of the display screen.

Dot matrix display with high brightness LED light tube (red, green, two-color), 256 grayscale, color combinations 65,536 kinds of changes, rich color fidelity, and supports VGA 24-bit true color display mode.

With graphic information and three-dimensional animation software that can play high-quality graphic information and three-dimensional animation. Player software displays information covering, close, open blinds, alternating colors, zoom and other 10 forms.

Using a dedicated program editing player software, you can edit by means of different input keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc., add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information. Choreography stored in the control of the host or server hard disk, broadcast order of time, to achieve the integration of alternately playing, and superimposed on each other.

You can receive video recorders, DVD players and other video signals.

Technical Features

1, the effect of excellence: the use of dynamic scanning technology, image stabilization, no noise, clear graphics, animation and vivid, varied; video effects and smooth;

2, content-rich: You can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information;

3. flexible: any arrangement by the user display mode;

4. Quality assurance: the use of imported light-emitting materials, high-quality IC chip, noise-free power supply;

5. The amount of information: the information displayed unrestricted;

6, easy maintenance: modular design, installation and maintenance;

7, long-distance transmission: the use of advanced data transmission technology, the use of Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data communications chip, support long-distance transmission without relay;

8, stable and reliable: Using the latest technology, using the world's popular ultra-large-scale devices, improve the control system stability, reliability, and support online upgrade

9, energy efficient: to promote low-carbon, green, rental led display is moving in the direction of the development of more energy-efficient.

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