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LED Display Screen FAQ and solution

1. Whole screen does not work (black screen)
(1)  Check power supply
(2)  Check signal connection (cat5, DVI cable)  (synchronous screen)
(3)  If synchronous screen, check the green led of sending card and receiving card whether it is twinkling or not.
(4)  Check the monitor of PC whether it is protected as black, or screen display area is black or pure blue. (Synchronous screen)  
2. Whole LED module does not work (black module)
(1)  Successive modules in horizontal do not work, please check the ribbon cable between the  normal unit module and unnormal unit module whether it is connected or not, or replace the first module from right side when facing the screen.
(2)  Successive modules in vertical row does not work, please check the power supply of all the modules.
3. One row lamps of module does not work.
(1)  Check this row whether connecting to output pin of 4953.
(2)  Check 138encoder.
(3)  Check 4953.
(4)  Check Vcc and GND of 4953.
(5)  Check output of 74HC138 and 4953's controlling pin whether connected or not.
4. Unit module doesn't work.
(1)  Check 595 normal or not.
(2)  Checking the up and down module corresponded common pin connect or not.
(3)  Check 595 output pin to module pin connect or not.
5. One color lacked in half or whole LED panel.
(1)  Check 245 R, G, B data output.
(2)  Check normal 595 output pin and unnormal 595 inputs pin whether it is connected well or not.

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